Learning to See – That important detail

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On a couple of occasions, I’ve been asked for informal advice about a legal matter. Sometimes it has been to do with employment law, once or twice about family law and often to do with immigration and asylum.  Often people start with a lengthy story of every single possible grievance or defence that might have… Continue reading Learning to See – That important detail

Learning to see – the full picture

Going back a month or two, you may remember that when asked, Boris Johnson promised that if necessary, the armed forces would be made available to help with the effort against COVID-19. This led to predictable headlines and tweets about troops on the street and people claiming that the Government was using the pandemic as… Continue reading Learning to see – the full picture

Beware of using experiments to support your argument

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I am a firm believing in the helpfulness of both empirical evidence and forecasting models to help us make decisions. However, during COVID19, we seem to have run into problems whenever results are shared and there hasn’t been great care to understand what they are meant to be telling us. So, for example we get… Continue reading Beware of using experiments to support your argument

The spot in my eye

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The other day I mentioned a trip to eye casualty due to getting a persistent floater in my eye. Just to reassure you once again, it was nothing serious but with eyes it is better to be safe than sorry.  However, admittedly I didn’t go straight to the hospital. Why? Well apart from a desire… Continue reading The spot in my eye