Jesus and the shamed woman

Yesterday, I wrote about how the woman with an issue of blood experiences shaming from powerful men. Today, I want to highlight how Jesus deals with her differently.  All the Gospel writers present her as creeping up quietly, nervously and sneaking a quick touch of her garment. Her aim seems to be to make someContinue reading “Jesus and the shamed woman”

The shaming of a precious woman

In Matthew 9:20-22, Jesus who has just been asked to come with a synagogue ruler and heal his sick daughter is interrupted. A desperate woman reaches out to touch him and is healed. We are told that she has an issue, or haemorrhage of blood.  It is possible that this was something along the linesContinue reading “The shaming of a precious woman”

Why does Jesus heal, forgive and call? (What’s the common theme in Matthew 9)

What is Matthew 9 all about? There’s a lot going on in the chapter.  We have a number of healings including: a paralysed man, a daughter raised from the dead, a woman with an issue of blood, two blind men and a demon possessed man who is unable to speak. Is the passage primarily aboutContinue reading “Why does Jesus heal, forgive and call? (What’s the common theme in Matthew 9)”

Comparing notes -which Gospel came first?

The synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) all tell the account of Jesus being asked to come to a synagogue ruler’s house to heal/raise his daughter, along the way, Jesus is interrupted by a woman who reaches out to touch him and be healed from severe bleeding that had lasted for twelve years. The basicContinue reading “Comparing notes -which Gospel came first?”

New (Matthew 9:14-17)

The music is playing loudly, people are dancing, laughing, chatting and drinking. Then someone comes into the room, switches the lights on, turns the music down, looks around scowling and says “please tone it down.” Then the best man goes across to them and says “excuse me but you’ve just interrupted a wedding.” You walkContinue reading “New (Matthew 9:14-17)”

On wishing politicians dead

On wishing someone else dead “We should rejoice that this dictator is dead” said the preacher, to audible gasps from the congregation.  “My daughter prayed that he would die at our family prayer time yesterday, and it has happened.”  He then went on to explain his reasoning. The dictator could either die to himself andContinue reading “On wishing politicians dead”

When you want to prevent others from receiving forgiveness

It only really struck me with force when I was actually preaching on Sunday. I guess it was because I was preaching specifically on this incident for the first time from Matthew’s Gospel, I’ve spoken on it many times from Luke’s Gospel but not from here. Matthew really brings out the hard hearted merciless waysContinue reading “When you want to prevent others from receiving forgiveness”

Forgiven (Matthew 9:1-13)

It’s one of the most wonderful words you can hear isn’t it? You’ve well and truly messed up this time.  You’ve allowed something to catch fire in the microwave and whilst attending to that, you’ve allowed the sink upstairs to overflow so that water has rained through the ceiling into your front room. Then inContinue reading “Forgiven (Matthew 9:1-13)”


I love the account of Jesus calming in the storm in Matthew 8. It’s a fantastic story for telling children’s groups. There’s so much you can do to include the kids in the story, getting them to blow li the wind, using a parachute game to get the wave effect, settling the children down peacefullyContinue reading “Miracles”