Christ loves you … so let him

I’ve shared a few articles about the Song of Songs recently. This week I’m going to be sharing some teaching Podcasts stepping into the book in a bit more detail. If you want to read some of the articles introducing Song of Songs please check out this tag. Here’s the first audio talk And here… Continue reading Christ loves you … so let him

How not to apply Song of Songs (or any part of the Bible) to Jesus

Last week, I shared some blog articles on the Song of Songs talking about whether and how we could/should apply it to Christ and the church.  You’ll notice that whilst I’ve been writing that the Song is meant to be about Christ, that I’ve been careful to distinguish things like prophecy, metaphor and typology from… Continue reading How not to apply Song of Songs (or any part of the Bible) to Jesus

When you have a dead Christ …

In his recent critique of contemporary conservative evangelicalism, Glen Scrivener talked about the danger that we end up getting as far as the crucifixion in our application of the Gospel. The result is that we have a dead Christ. This is quite the challenge because many of us have long considered this a criticism of… Continue reading When you have a dead Christ …

Headship and love – What Ephesians 5 says about the cost of living crisis

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I often return to the question of how we understand and apply Ephesians 5:21ff to marriage today. I’ve a particular interest in this area having written my MTh dissertation on the passage. So I have an academic interest but my concern is that this should be helpfully practical. One of the conclusions I’ve come to… Continue reading Headship and love – What Ephesians 5 says about the cost of living crisis

God, gender, pronouns and the church

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If you check someone’s social media profile these days, then you are likely to find that they’ll tell you their preferred pronouns. The point is that we are not to assume that they want to identify with a particular gender.  It is considered respectful to allow another person to let you know how they want… Continue reading God, gender, pronouns and the church

Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”

I was speaking at West Smethwick Congregational Church last Sunday. WSCC is a church we built connections with when they sought help with revitalisation and replanting. A few years back they were down to half a dozen people. So, it was good to visit them and see such a change.  They have a pastor and… Continue reading Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”

Calvin on marriage

I’ve been sharing Calvin’s thoughts on the relationships between slaves and masters, parents and children and, wives and husbands with a little bit of commentary. I’ve been doing this because despite presumptions that the concept of mutual submission is a modern egalitarian idea, we find that Calvin writing 500 years early understood Ephesians 5:21 to… Continue reading Calvin on marriage

Calvin on parents and children

Having had a look at what Calvin has to say about slaves and masters based on Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 5-6, I thought it would be worth having a look at his comments on the other two issues treated there, first on parents and children, then on wives and husbands. Calvin picks up on the… Continue reading Calvin on parents and children

Calvin on slavery

I thought it might be of interest to have a look at one of the Reformers and see how he handled the question of slavery in Scripture. So here’s some commentary on how John Calvin handles Ephesians 6.  Calvin is of particular interest because as I’ve argued previously, he seems to argue from Ephesians 5:21… Continue reading Calvin on slavery