Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

Before the funeral, there was a lot of talk about the fact that 4 billion people would be listening in and the responsibility therefore on the shoulders of the Archbishop of Canterbury to “hot it out of the court” and “smash it” by giving people the Gospel, full barrels. I must admit that I’m a… Continue reading Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

I am NOT Jesus

John Stevens mentions on his blog a new video game “I am Jesus.” The idea is that the game simulates various events from Jesus life in order that you can get to know the events of his life through experiencing them.  John rightly points out that whilst this may seem like a great idea, the… Continue reading I am NOT Jesus

Ministry nuts and bolts: Space to Grow?

The other day, I wrote about whether or not churches should expect to grow and if so whether pastors and elders are responsible for that growth.  My view is that, Biblically we expect God’s kingdom to grow. That’s not the same as saying that every individual church will be growing all the time but it… Continue reading Ministry nuts and bolts: Space to Grow?

How’s the post COVID replanting going?

For many years, my wife had an orchid plant I had bought her. Neither of us are particularly green fingered but out of all the plants we ever tried to grow, this one seemed to survive and thrive. Each year we would have to repot it to allow for new growth.   Having spent some time… Continue reading How’s the post COVID replanting going?

Recycling and making it hard for people to do what we expect of them

Photo by Lara Jameson on Pexels.com

Apparently, Birmingham has the dubious honour of being ranked at the bottom of the recycling table with only 22.5% of waste being recycled.  Having lived here for a month, I’m not surprised.  Our recycling centre (what we used to call the Tip) is closed currently and our recycling is collected fortnightly.  At least we know… Continue reading Recycling and making it hard for people to do what we expect of them

Commonwealth Games outreach (prayer update)

Just a quick update on plans for outreach during the Commonwealth Games.  The Commonwealth Games arrive in Birmingham this week with the Queen’s Baton (kind of the alternative to the Olympic Torch) arriving on Sunday and the official opening ceremony on Friday evening.  The Games will conclude on the 8th August with a closing ceremony… Continue reading Commonwealth Games outreach (prayer update)

Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

Jesus has called twelve followers to specifically be with him as disciples. The number twelve was symbolic. If he was the new king of Israel, then they represented the beginning of new Israel, twelve apostles for twelve tribes.  Now, he sends them out. They become involved in his mission, apostles are those who are commissioned… Continue reading Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

Swifter, smaller, simpler

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Our church family have just been on a weekend away. We are part of a family of churches that originated out of the same plant and are seeking to reach Birmingham with the Gospel.  The church holiday brought the three congregations together. During the weekend, one of the speakers talked about our vision as a… Continue reading Swifter, smaller, simpler

Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel

The Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham.  Whilst not up there with the Olympics, this is still a hugely significant event.  It will bring together competitors from across the Commonwealth (the group of nations linked primarily through historically having been part of the British Empire and usually today with ties through the Queen).  In fact,… Continue reading Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel