Gospel touch points

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What are the key things you would want to cover in a conversation about the Gospel with people in your local community? I would suggest that there are five things we would want to talk about in any given situation. Now, how we talk about them, and even the order in which we talk about… Continue reading Gospel touch points


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Co-incidentally at the same time that I was preparing the original post on Apologetics, I was also teaching a couple of Apologetics sessions at OM Lifehope. One student asked “What do I do when someone’s objection is that they are already happy and contented in life.” We talked through all the sorts of things you… Continue reading Happy

Sorry -some worked examples in apologetics

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The questions we want to ask…and answer If God exists, why doesn’t he show up and prove it?  If the Gospel is true, why is the church so full of hypocrites and killjoys?  If God is love, then why doesn’t he stop all the suffering in the world?  Can I really trust the Bible to… Continue reading Sorry -some worked examples in apologetics

The problem with asking people to serve before they belong

How you come in will be how you go on I’m sure you’ve heard this or something similar said about evangelism. If we rely on big events and entertainment to attract people to the Gospel, then we shouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it takes to hold them going forward. Your church will find that… Continue reading The problem with asking people to serve before they belong

Greenhouse mentoring scheme – Passion for Evangelism

Here’s a guest post from Nay Dawson of IFES and PFE. This week I’ve been encouraging us to re-double our efforts to offer training for Gospel ministry outside of traditional seminary education. Here’s one such opportunity We’re excited to launch The Greenhouse project. A short term training opportunity for women, with a focus on creating… Continue reading Greenhouse mentoring scheme – Passion for Evangelism

Evangelism and the local church (2) cold contact

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In part one, I said that my approach to evangelism is: “We live in an area and get to know people and we go and knock on some doors.” You will also have picked up through the article that I envisage this happening in the context of being part of the local church.  Now, whilst… Continue reading Evangelism and the local church (2) cold contact

How can dads disciple their kids?

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I recently wrote about what it means to disciple children and young people. I’ve been thinking a little further about what I would say from the front of church to encourage parents, particular fathers in their responsibility to teach and disciple their children.  Here’s what I’d say: Tomorrow is Monday. Here’s what I want you… Continue reading How can dads disciple their kids?

Creation, evangelism and apologetics

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I want to say a few words now about how our Doctrine of Creation and the Fall affects our approach to Apologetics.  Creation reveals God and leaves us without excuse This theme is picked up particularly by the Apostle Paul in Acts 14, Acts 17 and Romans 1. In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas pray… Continue reading Creation, evangelism and apologetics