Do you know where you are going? Does everyone else know where you are going?

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Back when mum and dad were living in Shenzhen, I went out to visit them a few times. On one occasion we went up to Beijing. We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel.  After a little while we began to think that the journey was taking far longer than it should.  Then… Continue reading Do you know where you are going? Does everyone else know where you are going?

He is going ahead of you

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When the women are looking for Jesus at the empty tomb, the angels reassure them that Jesus is not in the tomb, not because the body has been stolen but because Christ is risen and he has gone ahead of them.  In that immediate context, it meant that Jesus had gone ahead back to Galilee… Continue reading He is going ahead of you

Foretastes of glory (Mark 9:2-50)

Jesus has promised that at least some of the disciples will see the glory and power of his coming kingdom. This, in context, is pointing to his death and resurrection. However, as that day approaches there seem to be further opportunities for them to see even clearer glimpses of what that will look like. First… Continue reading Foretastes of glory (Mark 9:2-50)

Where is heaven?

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We used to sing a song in Sunday School: Somewhere in outer space, God has prepared a place, For those who trust him and obey, Jesus will come again, Although we don’t know when, The Countdown’s getting lower everyday There’s a few things wrong with the song, from the awful forced rhyming through to the… Continue reading Where is heaven?

We need to talk about death

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I’ve lost four friends during the past year.  As it happens only 1 of those deaths was recorded as COVID related. However, the presence of the pandemic has made us more alert to death. There is something grim about the arrangements of funerals with the restrictions on who can attend and the required social distancing… Continue reading We need to talk about death

The narrow gate

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13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few[1] We have been thinking about what it means to be part… Continue reading The narrow gate

The Chorus of Creation (Revelation 4)

I must admit I am neither a great artist or a great lover of art. My “relaxed” attitude towards the loss of statues, sculptures and monuments probably gave that away! However, even I can be captivated on walking into the Louvre or the British Museum by the beauty and wonder of the art and artifacts… Continue reading The Chorus of Creation (Revelation 4)