Stepping In: Going Cross Cultural

If we are going to reach Britain with the Gospel then we need to be equipped for cross cultural mission. You heard me right. We tend to think about cross cultural mission as being what happens when we send missionaries abroad to Asia and Africa.  If we are going to share the gospel, plant andContinue reading “Stepping In: Going Cross Cultural”

Stepping In: The Need

I’m going to be writing about the need to reach our inner cities and council estates with the good news about Jesus and his death and resurrection. This series of articles arises out of a growing recognition that there is a great and terrible gap in our gospel witness. To be fair, Gospel witness inContinue reading “Stepping In: The Need”

How are we going to get through the next six months?

“Not another six months of this?” That was the reaction of most of us to this week’s latest COVID-19 announcements wasn’t it. Something that we hoped would be sorted in a matter of weeks or maybe months is likely to be the dominant issue at least for a whole year and probably longer. We hadContinue reading “How are we going to get through the next six months?”

What if the vaccine never comes?

There have been encouraging signs over the past few weeks. We are hearing reports that trials with vaccines are having some successes. Meanwhile, we appear to be over the peak here in the UK and cases of COVID-19 have continued to decline even as society has started to open up again. However we continue toContinue reading “What if the vaccine never comes?”