What approval are you looking for?

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In my last article I said that whilst seeking approval can become idolatrous, it is not always necessarily so.  Sometimes it is right to be concerned for recognition and approval. In this article we’re going to dig a little bit more into that by focusing on elders and church leaders.   What type(s) of recognition/approval should… Continue reading What approval are you looking for?


A little while back I wrote a little on the way that we can be tempted by three types of idol: approval, comfort and security.  Now one of the things about idols is that they tend to be parasitical on things that are genuine needs and in and of themselves, in context, within boundaries are… Continue reading Approval

God in parts

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Today, I’m continuing our mini-series about idolatry.  One way in which we commit idolatry is that we look to other things in order to find satisfaction and meaning. We make gods out of physical objects such as wood and stone or we make gods out of ideals and needs such as approval, comfort, security and… Continue reading God in parts

Is fear a sin?

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Sometimes we say that we should only fear God and that we shouldn’t fear other people. I have often talked about how the things we fear are the things that become our idols.  Jesus tells us: “do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy… Continue reading Is fear a sin?