Grooming Gang ideology

Here is a link to an interview with Dr Ella Hill, a survivor of the Rotherham grooming gang scandal. Some headline comments The Home Office needs to urgently move to publish the report that was commissioned into grooming gang culture by Sajid Javid when he was in office. We need to acknowledge the shocking levelContinue reading “Grooming Gang ideology”

So what were we doing all that for?

I intended not to dive back into the Dominic Cummings story again but it is the story that keeps giving. I don’t want to focus on his guilt or innocence however.  Rather I want to talk about the reaction or the expected  reaction. The suggestion has been that if Cummings is not sanctioned in someContinue reading “So what were we doing all that for?”

Should Professor Neil Ferguson have resigned?

News broke yesterday that one of the leading experts advising the government on Coronavirus response has stepped back from involvement in SAGE, the government’s advisory body. Why? Was it that his expertise had been found wanting? No, whilst not everyone is happy with his models, this was not the reason.[1] Was he resigning in protestContinue reading “Should Professor Neil Ferguson have resigned?”