Learning to See – Navigating the scientific experiments and studies during COVID-19

This is a guest post from a medical perspective from Mark Surg.  In recent weeks and months we seen a flurry of research to do with the COVID-19 pandemic shared and commented on. It seems at times that people tend to choose the research that suits their own narrative.  I thought it would be helpfulContinue reading “Learning to See – Navigating the scientific experiments and studies during COVID-19”

Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies

In response to my articles on obeying Government and civil disobedience, I saw this comment on twitter. So, I thought it might be worth working through the two case studies.  First of all Daniel.  I want you to notice a few things about Daniel’s account because it is in fact important to our thinking. FirstContinue reading “Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies”

Can we just choose to disregard unreasonable laws?

One of the discussion points throughout COVID-19 is whether the Government guidance requires Christians to choose between human laws and God’s Law.  The question is about whether or not we are being prevented from obeying the call to gather together and if so whether or not the command to love your neighbour trumps that BiblicalContinue reading “Can we just choose to disregard unreasonable laws?”

When should we consider civil disobedience?

I want to return to the question about Churches breaking lockdown rules and meeting for worship. You will notice that people like me (see also the position of FIEC National Director, John Stevens) has not been that Churches should never go against the law on matters of gathering for worship. That would be an untenableContinue reading “When should we consider civil disobedience?”

Opening churches against lockdown rules

There have been further reports of churches defying the current lockdown regulations in England, including one in the Observer. Now, as I understand it, we have three possible options in terms of how we view the current regulations. We can accept that the regulations must be obeyed on the basis that this is the LawContinue reading “Opening churches against lockdown rules”

Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question

A little while back I mentioned a study looking at cases of COVID-19 among families with children in the home. I observed that the study was being used by people to push conclusions that it did not and could not make. Something similar has been happening with a Danish study about mask wearing. The studyContinue reading “Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question”

Is it ever a good thing to lay people off?

We were sat in the meeting room off of the open plan office again. We had been through too many of these conversations. It was frustrating because I’d seen something in the lad during his apprenticeship and given him a job in our team.  However he had coasted after that, he seemed lethargic, disinterested andContinue reading “Is it ever a good thing to lay people off?”

Learning to See

Yesterday I paid a visit to Eye casualty.  I was picking up a sort of wormy line in my vision. I suspected it was a floater and those are generally harmless but given I have a pre-existing eye condition and cornea grafts I thought it wise to get things checked out. The doctor confirmed allContinue reading “Learning to See”

What does not change

This is based on an article I wrote just after the Brexit vote. Today the US goes to the polls in the US Presidential election. For good or bad the election will affect most of us in some way, all around the world. However, we should keep the result in perspective If the Gospel isContinue reading “What does not change”


In my article about election choices the other day, I mentioned the option of “write in votes” and then referenced a tongue in cheek attempt on twitter to get an Australian elected as the US President.  Well, that campaign has provided a little light-hearted distraction from the grind of lockdown life for some of us.  Continue reading “#BeliefWeCanChangeIn”