A breakthrough attack on abortion ethics will come at some point

The biggest concern in public health at the moment is that an escape mutation of the COVID-19 virus will emerge. This variant will have the ability to break through the current immunity defences of vaccines and natural immunity leading to a new wave of serious illness, hospitalisation and sadly deaths. The hope is that vaccineContinue reading “A breakthrough attack on abortion ethics will come at some point”

Thinking about the effect of environment on mental health and depression

In his review of The pastor with a thorn in his side, Mark Pickett calls for further theological, ecclesiological and sociological reflection on the causes and consequences of depression among those in Christian service. I agree and believe that such reflection will be helpful not just for church leaders suffering with depression but as weContinue reading “Thinking about the effect of environment on mental health and depression”

Creation and the environment

If this creation is made by God and we are placed in it to look after it, to rule over it, subdue it and to fill it, to keep it and till it, then what implications does this have for our approach to the environment and ecology? Care for Creation as worship Chris Wright notesContinue reading “Creation and the environment”

Creation and work

Thinking about the Doctrine of Creation is particularly helpful as we seek to apply the Bible to the whole of our life because Creation points us both to the goodness and challenges of work. The Bible is, from the start a book for all 7 days of the week, not just one. Whilst we areContinue reading “Creation and work”

Creation, Mission and worship

Because we live in a good world which a good and purposeful God has made, this helps us to understand a little bit more about why we are here and what God has made us for.  The Shorter Catechism of the Westminster Confession of Faith asks the question “What is the Chief end of Man?”Continue reading “Creation, Mission and worship”

Applying Creation

We started our discussion about Creation and the Fall by naming some of the lies we can believe about this Universe. It is probably worth reminding ourselves of them. That this world is just here by accident or chance. In earlier times, people saw this world as being the by-product of the wars and loveContinue reading “Applying Creation”

How should we respond when Israel is in the news?

The focus has returned to the Middle East with rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and Israeli military force being deployed against the Palestinians. Most commentary has been negative towards Israel with concerns and condemnation concerning the loss of civilian life. How should we respond and engage? Well actually saying nothing might be the bestContinue reading “How should we respond when Israel is in the news?”

How should we respond to local/regional COVID-19 hotspots?

Over the last few days attention has begun to focus on a few towns and places where Coronavirus cases are on the increase again. Bolton is increasingly making it into the headlines but there are other places where this is causing concern including Bedford. The other concerning factor is that these increases tend to beContinue reading “How should we respond to local/regional COVID-19 hotspots?”

What lessons will the UK learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?

At some point in the next few months, we can expect the Government to set up a review of the impact that the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic had on the UK and the effectiveness of our response to it. What kinds of things should the review look at? What lessons should we be learning? Here areContinue reading “What lessons will the UK learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Reflections on elections

Last Thursday was the first significant electoral event in the UK since the 2019 General Election and since COVID. As well as local council elections, there were votes for metro mayors, the devolved assemblies/parliaments and a by-election in Hartlepool. So, what did those election results tell us about he current state of the parties. LabourContinue reading “Reflections on elections”