Vaccine Passports – what are our priorities?

There’s ongoing debate about the pros and cons of Vaccine passports. The concerns are particularly coming from those who see such measures as an assault on individual liberties. This means that we’ve seen some Christian leaders speaking out against them. The fear cited is that such measures will lead to people being excluded from churchContinue reading “Vaccine Passports – what are our priorities?”

It’s not just whether we get out of the pandemic but how that matters

The British approach to vaccine roll out has on one level been impressive. There were two important decisions made. The first was to go in early and negotiate contracts to ensure a good supply of the vaccine. The second was the calculated risk to extend the period between first and second dose in order toContinue reading “It’s not just whether we get out of the pandemic but how that matters”

When the situation is complex, keep the Comms simple

I remember someone at the start of the pandemic who was in the know (genuinely in the know, not someone who knew a friend of a friend), sharing at a briefing to church leaders that when the Government said it was following the science, this included behavioural scientists. My initial reaction to that was “uhContinue reading “When the situation is complex, keep the Comms simple”

If you are going to troll Christians at least get some basics right!

Here is Professor Alice Roberts (Professor of Public Engagement with Science at Birmingham University) expressing her views on Christianity. She goes on in her thread to raise the typical humanist complaint about Christiasn engaging in education and public life.  Now, leaving aside any major disagreements about theology or philosophy, here are the bigger concerns.  FirstContinue reading “If you are going to troll Christians at least get some basics right!”

God’s Man in the Whitehouse?

It’s inauguration day in the States and Joe Biden will officially succeed Donald Trump as US President around about 5pm GMT. I usually like to watch the US election result and the inauguration just as I like to stay up for General Election night here.  It’s probably the closest our friends across the pond getContinue reading “God’s Man in the Whitehouse?”

An assault on God’s Word and its consequences

In Genesis 3, the serpent turns up and asks if God had really said what he said in Genesis 2.His aim isn’t to encourage a Bible study or a philosophical discussion. Nor is it really to ensure that Adam and Eve are happier, healthier and freer. His aim is to amass power for himself. BrothersContinue reading “An assault on God’s Word and its consequences”

After Brexit: This is the beginning of the debate not the end

The Brexit transition period is over and so today, some of those who have remained opposed in principle to the UK leaving the UK have announced their intention to re-join. This is their democratic right and Brexiteers who campaigned for many years to leave should respect their right to campaign for what they believe in,Continue reading “After Brexit: This is the beginning of the debate not the end”

Freedom of Movement or engineered movement?

One of the problems that we have with talking about Freedom of Movement is that what people are usually either defending or objecting to is engineered movement.  What do I mean by this.  Well, it relates to a great question that people have been asking.  Most debates about the costs and benefits of immigration focusContinue reading “Freedom of Movement or engineered movement?”

Freedom of Movement?

This is my third article in a mini-series of opinion pieces linked to Brexit and the end of the transition phase.  Here I want to talk about freedom of movement. This applies to: Goods Services People Now, there are people around who believe that there should be complete control on movement. They do not thinkContinue reading “Freedom of Movement?”