How did we end up in this testing mess?

The UK appear to be having significant problems getting an effective Test and Trace system up and running.  Problems have included Our initial ability to provide mass testing Failure to get an effective tracking/contact system up and running The current problems with test availability leading to queues, delays and potential rationing. To me, this looksContinue reading “How did we end up in this testing mess?”

The end of community? – The risk with The Rule of Six

The UK Government has introduced new rules this week in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19.  For the foreseeable future, it will be illegal to socialise in groups larger than six or to “mingle” outside of such a group.  Several people have observed that this seems to go beyond the concept of social distancing and isContinue reading “The end of community? – The risk with The Rule of Six”

Breaking International Law? (2) The Internal Market Bill

Is the UK Government in a position where it has been forced to go back on its treaty agreements with the EU through the Withdrawal Agreement?  In brief, the issue is this. We have devolved governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is therefore possible for those governments to implement legislation relating to foodContinue reading “Breaking International Law? (2) The Internal Market Bill”

Breaking International Law?

The other day, a Government minister announced that the Government were about to break international law in a specific and limited way. Their comments related to the latest stage of Brexit negotiations and the Internal Market bill that is going through the House of Commons at the moment. Before I go any further, I wantContinue reading “Breaking International Law?”

Specifically Wrong

Today asked about the Government’s Brexit policy, a minister, Brandon Lewis stated that yes the Government would break international law … in a specific way. You heard that right. A minister acknowledged intention to break a law. Not only that, the slightly weird defence was introduced that it was only in a specific way. ThatContinue reading “Specifically Wrong”

Do we need to learn to doubt?

Schools are returning after lockdown and the summer break, soon students will be heading off to University too.  So what should they be learning? What should professors and tutors be teaching their students? Here is one suggested list. It seems a good list doesn’t it? I agree that we should be teaching students how toContinue reading “Do we need to learn to doubt?”

The Good of the City (Proverbs 11)

Why does it matter how our politicians, celebrities and business leaders behave? Why the tabloid obsession with their misdemeanours? Partly it’s just gossip. But a big part of it links to a sense of justice – that good people should do well and when they do, we all do well. It’s why we get behindContinue reading “The Good of the City (Proverbs 11)”

My country right or wrong?

“Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel” This was the classic first term subject for the University debating club to get their teeth into.  Of course, each year we would make the mistake of debating whether or not patriotism was a good or bad thing. In so doing, we missed the point that theContinue reading “My country right or wrong?”

The responsibility of universities and the A- Level results scandal

So now the fall-out from the response to the fall out starts. Attention has moved from our concern about the impact of last week’s grading debacle on students to how it will affect Universities. Universities are now being presented as the new victims. They had no choice but to offer places to those who metContinue reading “The responsibility of universities and the A- Level results scandal”

The A Level Results scandal – a moral issue

I have written already about some aspects of the A Level results fiasco.  So far I’ve written about the political fall out and the technical and administrative errors.  It is important when we consider things that we think through all the implications. However, central to the scandal is a moral issue. The moral issue isContinue reading “The A Level Results scandal – a moral issue”