Crucified (Mark 15)

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Jesus is handed over to Pilate because the Jewish leaders don’t have the authority to order his execution. Given their hesitancy around a public showdown with Jesus themselves, it also neatly hands the problem over to the Romans.  Note the cowardice of a night trial and then passing the issue so that they don’t get… Continue reading Crucified (Mark 15)

This is the moment

Spot the story arch between Mark 10 and Mark 11. At the end of chapter 10, Jesus has been interrupted on his journey through Jericho by a blind man crying to  receive his sight. Healed of his blindness, Bartimaeus now follows Jesus, joining with his disciples. When we get to chapter 11, we discover where… Continue reading This is the moment

The Way of the Cross (Mark 9:30-37)

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Jesus and his disciples are passing through Galilee. Along the way, he reminds them again that he is to suffer and to die. Their minds however are on other things.  When they get to Capernaum, Jesus asks them what they’ve been discussing. There’s an awkward silence. You see, the disciples had been debating or arguing… Continue reading The Way of the Cross (Mark 9:30-37)

Get behind me (Mark 8:27-38)

Strong and shocking words from Jesus “Get behind me Satan”.  Why does he use such strong language? It’s because he recognises in Peter’s response to his teaching that he must suffer and die one of the devil’s big temptations. Earlier we saw how the Pharisee’s demand for a sign echoed Satan’s encouragement that Jesus should… Continue reading Get behind me (Mark 8:27-38)

Some big themes in Mark’s Gospel

Kingdom The theme of God’s kingdom is significant to all of the Gospels but particularly stands out in Matthew and Mark. Matthew refers to it as The Kingdom of Heaven, this links to a Jewus reluctance to even speak out God’s name so that other words are used in place of “God” or “YHWH.” Heaven… Continue reading Some big themes in Mark’s Gospel

Crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

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For Starters How do you react if/when people mock you/are mean to you? A Look at the Text Read v 32-44. Can you identify 5 different types of person in this section and how they each respond to Jesus? What happens when Jesus cries out/shouts (v45-56) How is Jesus buried? (v57-61) What do the priests… Continue reading Crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

Cross focused praise

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Early this week I shared my “Easter Sunday” playlist. Here’s a selection of songs I’ve used in Maunday Thursday and Good Friday worship over the years. I hope this will be helpful to anyone looking for something reflective over the next few days. Once again there’s a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. Please let… Continue reading Cross focused praise

First Look 4: The end … or is it?

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Discussion Starters What do you fear the most? If you knew that you had six months left to live, would you change anything about your plans and your daily routine? A look at the Bible Today we arrive at the part of the story which Luke gives most attention to. A biographer usually spends most… Continue reading First Look 4: The end … or is it?

“Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)

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I mentioned in the last post about a song that we had started to sing at Bearwood Chapel a few years back. The song is called  “Jesus Thank you (The Mystery of the Cross).”  In the first verse, you have the line “You the perfect Holy One crushed your Son.”  Some people have expressed discomfort… Continue reading “Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)