Out of Egypt I have called my son – Jesus as exile

In Matthew 2::14 -15, we are told that Mary and Joseph fleeing from Herod with the baby Jesus to Egypt and then returning from there to Nazareth, when Herod died fulfilled the prophecy in Hosea 11:1 “Out of Egypt I have called my son.” Hosea 11 retells the story of the Exodus. It is God’s… Continue reading Out of Egypt I have called my son – Jesus as exile

What was Jesus guilty of?

When talking about Jesus’ trial, we often emphasise the kangaroo nature of the court that met at night and the inability of his accusers to agree as they brought their false accusations. However, there was an accusation that stuck and was actually true.  Jesus was executed for a very specific thing and that charge was… Continue reading What was Jesus guilty of?

The shame myth

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There’s a little myth that has gained currency over the last 30 years to the point where it is generally held as unchallengeable truth.  The theory goes like this: Western cultures are all about guilt and retribution, Eastern cultures are all about honour and shame.  Reformed/Evangelical Theology has paid too much attention to the former… Continue reading The shame myth

I am NOT Jesus

John Stevens mentions on his blog a new video game “I am Jesus.” The idea is that the game simulates various events from Jesus life in order that you can get to know the events of his life through experiencing them.  John rightly points out that whilst this may seem like a great idea, the… Continue reading I am NOT Jesus

What the Archbishop didn’t say

Last weekend, before we got back to things like parties in Downing Street and whether the Prime Minister tells the truth, the media and social media were full of reports and debate about what the Archbishop of Canterbury had said in his Easter Day sermon.  Reports focused on some statements critical of the UK’s Rwanda… Continue reading What the Archbishop didn’t say

Should we sing “the father’s wrath completely satisfied”?

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A friend recently asked on social media for recommendations of newish songs for their church to learn. One I mentioned was the Sovereign Grace song, “Jesus Thank you” by Pat Sczebel .  Another friend commented that whilst they too love this song, they struggle a bit with the chorus which goes: Your blood has washed… Continue reading Should we sing “the father’s wrath completely satisfied”?

In Christ alone

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Every so often I pick up on a complaint/objection to Stuart Townend’s hymn “In Christ alone.”  Here is one such example. There are people who would be happy, they say, to sing the hymn but are deeply distressed by the line “Til on that Cross, as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied.” Now,… Continue reading In Christ alone

Representative justice and mercy

The reaction to the Downing Street parties scandal has been fascinating.  I wrote a little bit about his here the other day but I wanted to pick up  a bit further on one particular response.  It’s best represented by this tweet from Owen Jones. Obviously, Jones is driven in part by an assumption that punishment… Continue reading Representative justice and mercy

“Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)

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I mentioned in the last post about a song that we had started to sing at Bearwood Chapel a few years back. The song is called  “Jesus Thank you (The Mystery of the Cross).”  In the first verse, you have the line “You the perfect Holy One crushed your Son.”  Some people have expressed discomfort… Continue reading “Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)