Belonging to The Church and to a church (Acts 2:42-47)

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 few years back we did summer camp at home for our church young people at Bearwood. The camp finished at our Nueva Vida Service with a bi-lingua celebration.  I thought I would share here the talk I gave to round things off.  During the camp, the young people learnt about: Calling God Father, Living for… Continue reading Belonging to The Church and to a church (Acts 2:42-47)

Why do people baptise babies?

Part two of some reposted articles relating to Federal Vision theology. In my article about children and communion I commented that: “Secondly, a few years back, there was a big fuss about something called “The Federal Vision.” It was strong among some Presbyterians and Anglicans. It was an attempt to recover a high view of… Continue reading Why do people baptise babies?

Should children take communion?

I’m reposting a couple of articles from a few years back about baptism and communion -especially as it relates to children. I’m doing this partly because these are topics that are always worth revisiting but also because I’m currently preparing some articles following up further on the question of church culture. In some of the… Continue reading Should children take communion?

The Both and of Mission

One of my personal passions and priorities is to see people get involved in urban mission, making disciples who make disciples in communities where there is practically no gospel witness at the moment. That urban focus means that we have a particular concern for poor/deprived neighbourhoods and working-class people. It means that we have a… Continue reading The Both and of Mission

#churchtoo, abuse bullying and culture – let’s have the conversation

In the light of the Timmis, Fletcher, Smyth and RZIM reports, there does seem to be a level of willingness amongst church and network leaders to talk about church culture and how we encourage reformation in this area. I will be including some more articles next week addressing this subject further but at this stage,… Continue reading #churchtoo, abuse bullying and culture – let’s have the conversation

Expository Worship

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In his book “Nine Marks of a healthy Church” Mark Dever makes Expositional Preaching his first and most important mark of healthy church life.[1]  I want to suggest that Dever is right to give expositional preaching such a central position but that he does not go far enough. Why is Expositional Preaching so important? Dever… Continue reading Expository Worship


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Here’s another out of the freezer article from a few years back Over the past few years, I’ve talked a lot about the Guilt Driven Church and  about guilt, grace and forgiveness.. The primary focus has been on how we experience shame and learning to distinguish false guilt from true guilt. But really there’s another… Continue reading Accuser

When you have nothing left to give

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Do you feel like you’ve nothing more to give, like you’ve come to the end of yourself? Maybe you’ve felt like that in the past, maybe you feel that way now. There’s a good chance that you are going to know that feeling at some point in the future. It’s that feeling that you can’t… Continue reading When you have nothing left to give

How to listen to sermons together

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Sermons are not meant to be listened to on your own.  The very nature of preaching is that it is a corporate exercise, something that the whole church family shares in together.  So how do we stop our response from being individualistic? Pray together before listening What about getting together with a few people before… Continue reading How to listen to sermons together

How to listen to sermons when it’s the last thing you feel like doing

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Sometimes the last thing you want to be doing is listening to a sermon.  It might simply be that you are exhausted and too tired to take in what is being said, sometimes it’s because what is being said is too painful, too close to the bone, sometimes it’s the other extreme, what is being… Continue reading How to listen to sermons when it’s the last thing you feel like doing