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Here’s a selection of articles that have caught my eye this week. Following the Royal Funeral, I’ve focused primarily on articles related to that as well as on grief.

The Queen: A wonderful Christian funeral that ought to remind us of the great Gospel need of our nation

What should we make of the Archbishop’s funeral address?

The Queen’s funeral: some early thoughts

A grief observed (transcript of a talk by Jon Horne at All Souls

Out of the Freezer. I’ve not gone back very far but I was reminded this week of an article I wrote earlier this year about the Queen’s profession of faith. We should not claim to read people’s hearts and nor should we rely on “celebrity testimonies” for our own evangelism strategies. However, I think the Queen gave clear public profession in her life and we also have the testimony of those who knew her most well. In this article I focus on the nature of that public profession. Is the Queen a Christian?

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