Testing a calling – how decisions are made

As you know, we are in a bit of a transitional phase, on the 31st December, I left my previous pastorate and we are now taking a little bit of time to look at different possibilities to see where God is leading us next. The possibilities really divide into two categories. On the one hand,Continue reading “Testing a calling – how decisions are made”

What your Bible translation does

In my previous article talking about how to slow down our reading of the Bible I mentioned that you might find it helpful to read from a different translation from time to time.  I thought it might be helpful to talk a little about choosing Bible translations in terms of how they function.  There areContinue reading “What your Bible translation does”

Slow Down

If you take a preaching class, one of the first things you’ll start with is something called Exegesis.  Exegesis is all about how we read the meaning out of (Ex) the text. This is contrasted with eisegesis, reading our own meaning and ideas into (eis) the text.  The risk when preaching is that we willContinue reading “Slow Down”

How do you stop a pandemic?

Most of my working life, I’ve been interested in how to keep things moving, flowing and spreading.  In my previous workplace as a manufacturing engineer and later operations manager my primary concern was to ensure that product flowed smoothly along the production (or in our case repair) line without interruption or delay. In my  roleContinue reading “How do you stop a pandemic?”

Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication

The other day, I talked about things that can prove obstacles to Gospel multiplication. At the end, I mentioned something specific to our current circumstance. I do not think that we were Tsunami proof. We were not ready for the crisis of the pandemic. There has been multiplication but it was vulnerable and fragile.  OfContinue reading “Pandemic or Tsunami proofing Gospel multiplication”

Gospel Maths (2) Barriers to multiplication

In the last post, I talked about why I think we should be concerned about multiplication and shared a little of what we’ve seen over the past decade. Here I would like to highlight some of the barriers and obstacles we can face towards multiplication. 90% of the battle when dealing with an obstacle isContinue reading “Gospel Maths (2) Barriers to multiplication”

The difference between critical comment and conspiracy theory

In my earlier post, I mentioned this quote in Christianity Magazine We’re entering a dangerous time in the history of Western democracies – and that danger is not primarily from a mob of redneck conspiracy theorists. Rather it is a handful of Californian billionaires with an unparalleled power in human history, who pose the biggestContinue reading “The difference between critical comment and conspiracy theory”

Why do Christians seem to get drawn into conspiracy theories?

I’ve seen this question asked by a couple of bloggers recently. My general response is that we should not assume that they are particularly more susceptible to them than anyone else it is just that we are generally more aware of it among Christians. However, the question about what will make those Christians that areContinue reading “Why do Christians seem to get drawn into conspiracy theories?”