Lo he comes with clouds descending

Here’s the next in our “What the carols mean” series Lo! he comes with clouds descending,Once for favoured sinners slain;Thousand thousand saints attendingSwell the triumph of his train:Alleluya! Alleluya! Alleluya!God appears, on earth to reign.Every eye shall now behold himRobed in dreadful majesty;Those who set at nought and sold him,Pierced and nailed him to the… Continue reading Lo he comes with clouds descending

Omicron – what should and shouldn’t we be looking out for?

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We’re holding our breath a little at the moment to see what the level of threat from the Omicron variant is.  It seems that on an hourly basis we are hearing news and commentary that either encourages confidence that all will be well or panic that we are about to head back into a nightmare.… Continue reading Omicron – what should and shouldn’t we be looking out for?

The hermeneutical spiral

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One of the things we’ve been exploring is the challenge that comes when reading Scripture. The problem is that although God’s Word is objectively true, infallible, inerrant and clearly revealed, we are finite, affected by The Fall, conditioned by our own culture and experience. The result is that we bring all of those things into… Continue reading The hermeneutical spiral

Baptism, conscience and what I personally will do

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This is the third and final part of my response to Steve Kneale’s article on baptism, sin and conscience. There are other things I could pick up on from it. For example, I think Steve has over-laboured on trying to fit people to specific labels for example. I don’t think that works. There will be… Continue reading Baptism, conscience and what I personally will do


God made us to know him, to love him, to glorify him and enjoy him. Prayer is a crucial part of what it means to be alive, to be made in God’s image, to be human. Prayer is first and foremost about knowing you are part of a family. That God loves you and invites… Continue reading #HowToPray

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How might Omicron affect your church over Christmas

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One thing we have to be aware of when planning things for our churches in response to COVID19 is not just the objective impact of the virus in terms of its actual threat to health but also how news and perceptions affect the decisions of members and potential attendees. With that in mind, I’ve conducted… Continue reading How might Omicron affect your church over Christmas

Not again?

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Reaction to news of the new Omicron COVID variant seems to be united by one phrase “Not again.”  However, exactly how that phrase is being used seems strongly polarised. Whilst there is auniting theme of “Oh no, not again -just when we thought we were through the worst!” For some people “Not again?” carries the… Continue reading Not again?

Baptism, conscience and catholicity

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This is part 2/3 engaging with Steve Kneale on conscience, baptism and membership If you check back my original article, I was addressing a very specific point from  a previous article of Steve’s. In that article he’d argued that: For many, the church ought to bend to the conscience of the individual. But that seems… Continue reading Baptism, conscience and catholicity

First Look 1 “How can we know about Jesus?

 Discussion Starters Think of a particularly famous person.  What are they famous for?  Do you wish that that you could know them personally?  If you met them what questions would you want to ask them?  Do you think they provide a role model worth following? What do you know about Jesus?  How would you describe… Continue reading First Look 1 “How can we know about Jesus?