What is justification all about?

One of the key themes that seems central to Paul’s argument in Galatians is that we are justified by faith.[1] In recent years, there’s been much discussion and dispute about what justification really means, especially since the emergence of the New Perspective. Whilst the reformed position since Luther and Calvin has been that justification is… Continue reading What is justification all about?

Opening Credits

This week we look at 1 Chronicles 11-12 Anointed (11:1-3) Jerusalem (11: 4-10) Jerusalem is in Benjamin, whereas Hebron = a city of Judah.  Jerusalem is a crucial symbol of David uniting the kingdom and replacing Saul’s dynasty Mighty Men (11:10-47) Early followers of David The inner circle – the three and the thirty Note… Continue reading Opening Credits

Distorted Gospels

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There are a number of ways that the Gospel can be distorted but we might divide them into three rough categories.  First, there are distorted Gospels that completely miss the point of what the Good News is by offering a solution to the wrong problem, they fail to treat the problem of sin. Secondly, there… Continue reading Distorted Gospels

What is the Gospel?

Paul’s big concern for the Galatian church was that they risked being captured by a different Gospel.  The other day, I wrote something about this and observed that if we are to avoid falling for different, false Gospels, then we need to know what the true Gospel is. Now, we might assume that the answer… Continue reading What is the Gospel?

The Meaning of Singleness

There’s lots of books, articles, seminars etc about sex, marriage and relationships at the moment. That perhaps has always been the case anyway. On the other hand, there’s very little about singleness. Again, I suspect that’s been the case for a long time. University  Christian Unions used to put on such a seminar at their… Continue reading The Meaning of Singleness

Being eulogised by Babylon

Last weekend, New York pastor and author, Timothy Keller, died.  Since then, many people have been paying their respects and expressing gratitude for Tim’s life.  This has included secular obituaries including In the New York Times.  However, as I indicated in my own reflections, there was a significant number of people who found controversy in… Continue reading Being eulogised by Babylon

Introducing Galatians

Our church are about to embark on a teaching series on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Here are some introductory notes. When was the book written? Nowadays it is usually viewed as an early letter, if not the earliest of Paul’s letters. Some reformers including Luther considered it to have been written later though, seeing… Continue reading Introducing Galatians