Is it possible to divorce and then marry again?

After Jesus has been challenged by the Pharisees about Divorce in Mark 10:1-9, his disciples quiz him further.  This is Mark’s summary of the conversation. 10 Later, when he was alone with his disciples in the house, they brought up the subject again. 11 He told them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery against her. 12 And… Continue reading Is it possible to divorce and then marry again?

Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

“The Old Testament God is all about Laws and rules. He’s harsh.  The New Testament God is loving and kind, he is easier to follow because of grace.” How often have you heard something like that said?  Does Mark 10:1-10 support or go against that assumption?  Jesus is confronted by some of the Pharisees and… Continue reading Jesus on divorce … is he harsher than the OT Law? (Mark 10:1-10)

Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?

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We know the answer don’t we? It’s obvious.  Ny providing an abundance, Jesus was demonstrating his ability to provide all that his people needed. The Twelve baskets meant that each disciple had something to take away. More than that, they symbolised the 12 tribes, so that we saw Christ’s abundant provision for his people. However,… Continue reading Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?

Jesus satisfies (Luke 9:10-17)

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I want to ask you two questions.  We are heading into a difficult winter with rising prices, a cost of living crisis and an energy crisis. Even with the help offered by the government, many will struggle.  Are you anxious as we head into the winter?  Perhaps you’re thinking that even if domestic energy costs… Continue reading Jesus satisfies (Luke 9:10-17)

What do you need to see? (Mark 8:8-12)

Yesterday we saw Jesus willingness to repeat a sign to help his disciples get the point.  Today, we find him refusing to play the Pharisee’s game and meet their demands for a sign.  Are those two things in tension? Do they contradict each other? On the one hand, we’ve just said that Christ is more… Continue reading What do you need to see? (Mark 8:8-12)

I am NOT Jesus

John Stevens mentions on his blog a new video game “I am Jesus.” The idea is that the game simulates various events from Jesus life in order that you can get to know the events of his life through experiencing them.  John rightly points out that whilst this may seem like a great idea, the… Continue reading I am NOT Jesus

Scraps (Mark 7:25-30)

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Jesus and the team head out from Galilee to Phoenicia, close to Tyre and Sidon. There a Gentile woman comes and asks him to heal her daughter but Jesus at first appears reluctant, he says that in the family, the children should eat first.  She responds by pointing out that even dogs get to wat… Continue reading Scraps (Mark 7:25-30)

Something happens when people come into contact with Jesus (Mark 6:53-56)

When Jesus and his disciples cross Lake Galilee, they are greeted on the other shore by another crowd.  People recognise him and word spreads. Everywhere he goes, he is met with people who plead with him for healing. They assume that even to just brush against his clothes will bring life and healing. This is… Continue reading Something happens when people come into contact with Jesus (Mark 6:53-56)

The Shepherd King who feeds his people

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If Herod is the pretend king who throws a feast for himself where food is brought to him, food resulting from death, then Jesus is a different kind of king altogether. Jesus is the true king who calls a feast in order to feed his people with life giving bread. The Feeding of the Five… Continue reading The Shepherd King who feeds his people

A troubled conscience? (Mark 6:14-29)

Jesus was dividing opinions. Some as we’ve seen loved him and wanted to follow him and be close to him, others rejected him outright. A lot were bewildered by him and trying to make sense of him. Who was this man who could heal the sick and calm the waves? So, they tried to make… Continue reading A troubled conscience? (Mark 6:14-29)