Paul and the mysterious Jesus quote

I picked up on a discussion the other day about Paul’s relationship to the Gospels. The original questioner observed that there was a notorious issue with Paul’s lack of reference to the Gospel accounts in his letters and sermons.  The usual assumption for this is that Paul wrote first with the Gospels coming much laterContinue reading “Paul and the mysterious Jesus quote”

Honey From the Rock

I was a late comer to the mixing of sweet and savoury. I could not wrap my head around the idea of adding bacon to a delicious plate of pancakes and syrup. As for salted caramel, that sounded just plain wrong. However I must concede that it really works. The salt offsets the sugar soContinue reading “Honey From the Rock”

How God shows up in Jesus

I’ve mentioned many times how helpful I’ve found Paul Williams and Barry Cooper’s approach to answering difficult questions helpful.[1] So often when we engage in apologetics we find ourselves wanting to take the person to Jesus and the Cross but find ourselves side tracked by complex apologetics. So I found it liberating when at aContinue reading “How God shows up in Jesus”

Responding in faith

Luke 1 sets two angelical visions against each other. In the first vision, Gabriel appears to an old priest named Zechariah to tell him that he is going to have a son.  Six months later, the same angel appears to a young girl called Mary who is betrothed to be married.[1] She too will haveContinue reading “Responding in faith”

The Serpent Crusher

Do you trust people to keep their promises? It is almost a year now since we had a General Election in the UK, meanwhile the US have just had their presidential election.  The politicians made all kinds of promises. Do you think they are keeping them?  Of course apart from the promise to “Get BrexitContinue reading “The Serpent Crusher”

Unrepentant (Matthew 11:20-24)

What will it take to get you to repent?  That’s quite a blunt way to start an article isn’t it?  Repent of what exactly? And who am I to ask that of you? Isn’t the concept of repentance itself all a bit judgemental? Yet at the heart of the Bible’s good news message is aContinue reading “Unrepentant (Matthew 11:20-24)”

What do you see (Matthew 11:1-19)

What do you see when you look at the world around you?  The chaos and uncertainty around a contested Presidential result?  The devastation caused by a global pandemic. The ongoing climate change crisis? The division and hurt of racism? What do you see when you look at your own life? Weakness, failure, shame? The drudgeryContinue reading “What do you see (Matthew 11:1-19)”