Looking at Jesus through “the prophet lens”

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The other day I got stopped by a Muslim evangelist in town offering me a copy of the Quran.  I politely said no thanks and explained that I had a copy but also that I knew Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  He then sought to engage me in conversation.   There were some fascinating observations I… Continue reading Looking at Jesus through “the prophet lens”

The Lord’s favour

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We now arrive at one of those big hitter chapters in Isaiah, one of the best-known parts of Scripture and the bit that Jesus takes and makes his manifesto at the outset of his ministry.  Having seen how Isaiah has built up to focus on the Servant as the one who ushers in God’s reign,… Continue reading The Lord’s favour

Irresistable grace – the lost sheep revisited

How do you imagine the lost sheep responding when the shepherd arrives to find it?  Perhaps you see it there, hearing it’s master’s voice and running, or hobbling to get close.  Maybe, you picture it docile as the shepherd speaks gently and picks it up into his arms.  Both are possible depending on the sheep’s… Continue reading Irresistable grace – the lost sheep revisited

The whole Christmas story

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A few weeks back, Glen Scrivener commented on twitter to the effect that the Gospel was the best story, it was complete, incomparable, unbeatable.  There was general agreement with this although some asked whether he would concede that the prequel found in the Old Testament came pretty close and was essential to the strength of… Continue reading The whole Christmas story

The missing verse of Christmas

I wonder what the preacher will preach on today at the Christmas Day service.  There’s a good likelihood that he will pick up on the account in Luke 2.  If they do, I suspect that the reading will focus on v1-20. We’ll hear about the census, the journey to Bethlehem. We may well hear quite… Continue reading The missing verse of Christmas

Give me Jesus

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What is Christmas all about? What is it that we most need? Later in this week I’m going to be sharing some specific thoughts on what those who are lonely, grieving, depressed, hurting need at Christmas.  Spoiler alert, what we need is joy, deep unspeakable joy. That joy is found in Jesus Christ and in… Continue reading Give me Jesus

My burden as well?

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When we were little, my mum used to read Jungle Doctor stories to us.  These were a collection of stories that a missionary had told to help communicate the Gospel and were later put into book form. The stories were allegorical tales about the different animals. In one story, Antelope comes across Monkey.  Young monkey… Continue reading My burden as well?

Who are you?

This is Pilate’s question for Jesus.  Not in the sense that he didn’t know the name of the person standing before him or anything about the details of his life.  It’s a question about identity. Read Mark 15:1-15 It’s the night before his crucifixion and Jesus has been handed over by the Jewish leaders to… Continue reading Who are you?