Introducing the First Look Course

The First Look Course is an opportunity to start to explore the claims of Christianity. It runs for 4 sessions and includes discussion questions and videos to watch. It is based on the eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life reported by an early historian named Luke. You can find his Gospel in the Bible. You… Continue reading Introducing the First Look Course

Coming up in Advent – The First Look Course

The First Look Course is a 4 part course looking at the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s for anyone who wants to start exploring what Christians believe. The course is available for anyone to pick up and use on their own or in groups from here. During Advent 2021 I’m also going… Continue reading Coming up in Advent – The First Look Course

What about post COVID newcomers?

One of the major concerns for Church leaders recently has been what we do about those people who don’t seem to be returning to in person church?  Within that number are those who are still very anxious about coming to church services but still very much believe in the L ord. Some will be able… Continue reading What about post COVID newcomers?

Food from around the worldwide web

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Evangelism and discipleship must advance side by side – We are going to be talking to Jeremy Marshall on #AfternoonTea today. Here he is interacting with another friend, Steve Kneale about evangelism and discipleship. Responding to Dominic Cummings The news in the UK this week has been dominated by the Dominic Cummings affair. Here are… Continue reading Food from around the worldwide web

Another Birthday

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Here’s my story of how I found faith and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. You’ll find out why Christians sometimes talk about being born again and having “another birthday.” I would love you to find the same peace, joy, security, forgiveness I have. If you want to find out more about Jesus, the historical reliability of… Continue reading Another Birthday