My grandad’s testimony – leaving it late

A few days ago, I talked about my grandad in one of our YouTube videos.  As you will have seen from his photograph, granddad was tall and strong (he’s the bloke at the back in the middle). He served in the East Yorkshire Regiment, including tours of India and China. He was a boxing championContinue reading “My grandad’s testimony – leaving it late”

Being Salty – share the Gospel

Over the years I’ve listened to sermons, read books and articles and had conversations with people about Matthew 5:13-16 and its meaning. The big emphasis seems to have been about living lives that are distinctive from the world around us, which of course is the very essence of saltiness but that then moves into anContinue reading “Being Salty – share the Gospel”

Losing my salvation? When someone remains angry at God

I want to respond a little more to a question that was raised in one of our Facebook live chat sessions. We were talking about the question of whether it is possible to lose your salvation. We talked about the possibility of persisting in sin until the Holy Spirit gives up. I said that thereContinue reading “Losing my salvation? When someone remains angry at God”

Following to be part of something (Matthew 4:18-25)

She was beautiful, smiley and when I started to talk to her I was more attracted still as her winsome personality shone through too. I was smitten. I would willingly have gone anywhere with her. If that meant moving away to live, work and go to church some place else then I would happily haveContinue reading “Following to be part of something (Matthew 4:18-25)”

The one mark of a healthy church

How do you know if your church is healthy? How do you make a decision about whether or not to join a church? If you are considering a possible calling to pastor a church, what is the first and most important thing you should be checking up on? A few years back now, Mark DeverContinue reading “The one mark of a healthy church”

In the beginning (Matthew 1:1-17)

Introduction Two things that have been coming up in my Bible reading and in the thoughts we’ve been sharing online over the last few weeks have been The cry of ‘how long oh Lord’  expressed by God’s people in the face of suffering Can we trust God to keep his promises? These questions are deeplyContinue reading “In the beginning (Matthew 1:1-17)”

It doesn’t apply to me

Quick get up, get out” “Who do you think you are coming telling me what to do?” “No, you need to, you are in danger” “Why” “The house is on fire” “Are you telling my sister to get out too” “Yes – but you need to come quickly “ “Oh I think I am ableContinue reading “It doesn’t apply to me”