Organ Donation?

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I sometimes am asked my opinion about organ donation.  There seem to be two issues at stake.  The first is that some people are worried about whether Christians may donate organs such as their heart, kidneys, corneas etc to help others with serious illness or disease. The other issue that comes up is that some… Continue reading Organ Donation?

It’s time we learned to talk about death and dying

I wanted to share some thoughts about how we approach death and dying.  Our last church, Bearwood Chapel had the full range of ages with plenty of children and young people but also a significant number of people in their 80s and 90s. That meant we saw a fair few deaths and funerals for people… Continue reading It’s time we learned to talk about death and dying

We need to talk about death

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I’ve lost four friends during the past year.  As it happens only 1 of those deaths was recorded as COVID related. However, the presence of the pandemic has made us more alert to death. There is something grim about the arrangements of funerals with the restrictions on who can attend and the required social distancing… Continue reading We need to talk about death

Going Home (Part 3)

In today’s video we ask “Can I trust Jesus to keep his word that he will come for us and that he will take us home.” Our trust in God is not blind faith but based on his consistent, truthful character. In Scripture we see that God’s Word is always fulfilled.