What about the not so Nu variant?

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Okay, I was all ready with my article heading about a nu variant and then the WHO threw me a curve ball and called it “omicron” instead.  I’ve decided to press on with a small variation to the title.  Like me, your social media timeline and news feed has probably been full of stuff about… Continue reading What about the not so Nu variant?

Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

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In presuppositional apologetics[1] one of the key arguments deployed for why we can trust the Bible is the claims that Scripture makes about itself. The basis for this argument is tht at some point, we have to accept that there is a final authority, an ultimate arbiter on belief. The question is “who” or “hat… Continue reading Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

How are you doing with your worry?

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A year ago as we began to move into the first lockdown, I broadcast my first YouTube video “Don’t Worry.” A year on I’ve returned to the them of worry. In the latest video, I talk about 3 voices not to listen to in order to help us avoid anxiety Legalistic Voices Licentious voices Superstitious… Continue reading How are you doing with your worry?

Food from around the worldwide web

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Evangelism and discipleship must advance side by side – We are going to be talking to Jeremy Marshall on #AfternoonTea today. Here he is interacting with another friend, Steve Kneale about evangelism and discipleship. Responding to Dominic Cummings The news in the UK this week has been dominated by the Dominic Cummings affair. Here are… Continue reading Food from around the worldwide web

Facing our fear

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Here’s our latest #AfternoonTea discussion. Today we were talking about how we face our fears. Here are the main points: Fear is not just about our own well-being but about our desire to protect others. A big factor is our inability to be in control of things. There is a healthy desire for control and… Continue reading Facing our fear

Food from around the web

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My friend from Oak Hill days, Stephen Watkinson has resurrected his blog “Northern Souls”. Here he writes on the importance of “hammering home” application if we want to make sure that churches get the challenging things that God has to say to us. Facing the Day: This is a guest post by Rachel Lane on… Continue reading Food from around the web