Biblcal Theology and Isaiah

Biblical Theology helps us to see God’s big story of redemption unfolding on the pages of Scripture.  There are a couple of aspects to this.  First of all, authors such as Graeme Goldsworthy and Christopher Wright have identified three themes running through Scripture.  We can talk about The story that the Bible tells us the… Continue reading Biblcal Theology and Isaiah

Death and resurrection – applying Jonah through Jesus

We want to apply the Old Testament to our lives today but how do we best do that.  There’s a risk that if we just use an Old Testament character as an example that we end up with legalism.  The message of Jonah gives us a helpful case study. Jonah runs away from God and… Continue reading Death and resurrection – applying Jonah through Jesus

Echoes …(an introduction to typology)

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One of the exciting things you spot as you read through Scripture especially if you’ve ever done that thing where you read from beginning to end in a year, or if you spend a bit of time reading through big sections is that you begin to spot patterns and echoes.  For example, here are three… Continue reading Echoes …(an introduction to typology)

Walking with God

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Genesis 5 opens with the second occurrence of the statement “These are the generations…”  We are now opening up a new section, act 2 if you like, in Genesis.  We begin to trace “what became of Adam and his family?” Notice that, Cain’s line has been dealt with separately in the previous chapter. So, Adam’s… Continue reading Walking with God

He is going ahead of you

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When the women are looking for Jesus at the empty tomb, the angels reassure them that Jesus is not in the tomb, not because the body has been stolen but because Christ is risen and he has gone ahead of them.  In that immediate context, it meant that Jesus had gone ahead back to Galilee… Continue reading He is going ahead of you

Homeward bound: More on a Biblical Theology of death as exile

Yesterday I wrote about the theme of death as exile.  In the Old Testament, it is that theme of banishment and exile that most visibly shows the consequences of death for humanity.  However, it is important that we remember that this is about how death is the post-fall penalty for sin. Christ’s death on the… Continue reading Homeward bound: More on a Biblical Theology of death as exile