When the desert blooms

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We are now coming to the end of the first part of the book. Isaiah 35 is like the big song at the end of the first half.  There will be a kind of interlude, an interruption to tell some of the story of what is going on in Isaiah’s day through the next few… Continue reading When the desert blooms

Judgement Day

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How do we react to what Scripture has to say about judgement, not just the historic judgement of Israel or even the discipline we go through but also what Scripture has to say about God’s judgement on sin and evil, what it has to say about eternal judgement and hell. Read Isaiah 34 It’s judgement… Continue reading Judgement Day


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Isaiah as prophet speaks for God to the people but the prophets would also often speak to God for the people, this is especially true when their role aligned with that of priest as Isaiah’s did.  Much of the poetic literature takes the form of poetry or song and so you’ll see close parallels with… Continue reading Destroyer

The promised king and the promised Spirit

How would God’s people know that the promises were coming true and that they no longer needed to fear judgement.  Isaiah makes it clear that there were two crucial people who would come to confirm that hope had arrived. There was the promised king and the promised Holy Spirit. Read Isaiah 32 God promises that… Continue reading The promised king and the promised Spirit

You can go your own way

Our temptation is consistently to wander away from God and to look elsewhere for help.  This is particularly true when we sense danger, like nervous sheep we seek to get away from the threat but this often means running away from the shepherd who can protect us and further into different danger. Read Isaiah 30-31… Continue reading You can go your own way

Light in the darkness

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Chapter 8 finishes with a sobering prophecy, all that the people will see if they look away from God is gloom and darkness.  Without God, all there is for us is hopelessness. Read Isaiah 9 Whilst the present situation seemed pretty hopeless and Israel were about to face judgement, shame and destruction, Isaiah looks ahead… Continue reading Light in the darkness