Not forgotten

We may be tempted at times to think that God has forgotten us. There are two pieces of strong evidence here that he has not.  First, that God did not forget or turn his back on his people.  Secondly, that God did not forget or forsake Jesus.

Read Isaiah 49 -50

Israel sings as God’s servant, called by God, named by him, equipped and commissioned to speak for Yahweh. Israel laboured in vain, unable to save (49:1-4).  So, God responds. He has appointed a new servant who will succeed. This servant will not only bring the people of Israel back to God but will be a light to the Gentiles. Rejected by the nation, this servant will be exalted so that kings will bow and prostrate themselves to worship him (49:5-7).

This servant is a covenant, or the basis of God’s agreement with the people.  This points to him as the one who will bring about atonement. Again we afre reminded that through hm, the exiles will be gathered and brought safely home (49:8-13). However, Israel will continue to act stubbornly, thinking the worst of God, believing he has forgotten them.  God’s response is to insist that it would be as ridiculous to suggest he has forgotten his people as to suggest that a mother could forget about her child (49:14-18).  Once more the promise of restoration is repeated (49:19-26).

God responds further to Israel’s complaint that she is forgotten.  He uses two images, firs tof the divorce certificate and then of the creditor.  Although God could have issued a divorce due to Israel’s adultery, he did not, although he in fact has no creditors note that he does act to redeem (50:1-3).

The servant speaks now. God has given the servant a voice, a message and a mission, to bring the people back.  They have responded by seeking to shame and disgrace him but he has remained faithful to God and God has remained faithful to him, so that he is not disgraced.  He is vindicated and no-one can bring a true accusation against him (50:4-9).  So, the servant asks his own question.  Who is there that will be faithful to him (50:10-11).


Meditate on 50:10

Who among you fears the Lord
    and obeys the voice of his servant?
Let him who walks in darkness
    and has no light
trust in the name of the Lord
    and rely on his God.

The truth is that we cannot save ourselves and we cannot save others.  Instead, God has sent not just a servant but his son into the world to save sinners.  We must put our trust in him.

Thank you God that you have not give up on us, nor punished us as we deserve. Thank you for Jesus our saviour.  Help us to fear you with reverence and obey Jesus. Help us to trust and rely on you.”

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