O Thou who camest from above

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At the memorial service to Queen Elizabeth II on Friday evening in St Paul’s cathedral, a few traditional hymns were sung that are probably not so well known to many.  So, I thought I’d share them with a few reflections.  One of them was “O Thou who camest from above” by Charles Wesley. The lyrics… Continue reading O Thou who camest from above

Press on with the Gospel – Regardless (Acts 21:1-25)

Here are my notes from a sermon preached at Bearwood Chapel, Smethwick. Introduction We recently spent an evening at the Commonwealth Games athletics. One standout moment was the 3k women’s Steeplechase. As the frontrunners competed for medal positions, one poor lonely athlete was well back from everyone else and struggling. I wonder what was going… Continue reading Press on with the Gospel – Regardless (Acts 21:1-25)

Did Paul disobey the Holy Spirit? (Lessons on guidance in Acts 21)

In Acts 21, we are told about Paul’s final journey to Jerusalem.  It’s an illuminating case study on interacting with God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. Paul travels from Miletus where he has met with the Ephesian elders and given them the commission to provide for and to protect the flock. He has spoken there… Continue reading Did Paul disobey the Holy Spirit? (Lessons on guidance in Acts 21)

Time for God? – Thoughts on sermon length

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Every so often a little controversy will brew over how long exactly a sermon should last. This seems generally seeking to split between three precise and seemingly arbitrary times, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 40 minutes (nothing under 10, over 40 or anything in between the options). The latest controversy seems to have been… Continue reading Time for God? – Thoughts on sermon length

The gift of the Spirit

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Most of us have had it drilled into us that there is in fact one fruit of the Spirit rather than fruits of the Spirit.  In other words, we bear fruit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness etc. This means that there isn’t a pick and mix approach to things. I can’t claim to… Continue reading The gift of the Spirit

“Have a bath and change your clothes” (Ephesians 4:17 -32)

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It has been vital during the pandemic to take off clothes as soon as you get home and have a shower or bath. It would be ridiculous to put the old contaminated clothes back on again. Similarly, the imagery of Christian faith is a bath (baptism), don’t put your old clothes back on again!

Unity (Ephesians 4:1-10)

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Today we talk about unity. Key points Unity is something to be worked at keeping. There is effort required Unity is not something we create, it already exists in the Spirit Unity is based on the truth that there is one God and one Gospel Unity is about patient, humble love There is no place… Continue reading Unity (Ephesians 4:1-10)