A suppressed virus will always return

It’s not just Britain then -and it probably isn’t just about a new mutation. Around the world, coun tries are bracing themselves for a third wave of Coronavirus.  Today, the news attention has shifted focused form the South East of England to South Korea which is experiencing its own third wave of the virus. InContinue reading “A suppressed virus will always return”

What is the experience people have had when they say that they have been baptised with the Holy Spirit? (Sealed with the Holy Spirit 10)

If there isn’t a second blessing/separate baptism of the Holy Spirit, how do we account for the special experience that many Christians seem to have had?

A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)

There have been various movements throughout history seeking to enable Christians to discover a higher life or greater experience of the Holy Spirit. These include: 1. The Holiness movement including aspects of Methodism and the early history of the Keswick Convention 2. The beginning of Pentecostalism at the turn of the 20th Century 3. TheContinue reading “A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)”

Being filled with the Spirit and not drunk on wine (Sealed with the Spirit 5)

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit.  I have often heard two illustrations for this. That we are like jugs and the Holy Spirit like water. Just as the jug may lose water as it is drunk or spilt, so we can lose some of the fullness of the Spirit and needContinue reading “Being filled with the Spirit and not drunk on wine (Sealed with the Spirit 5)”