Laying down your life for your friends in a pandemic

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Throughout the pandemic, pastors have found themselves under fire from two sides. For some, every decision to conform with guidelines, providing online services, introducing social distancing, asking people to wear masks has been seen as an act of compromise with the state driven by fear of death. Thy are told that they should not fear… Continue reading Laying down your life for your friends in a pandemic

Just in from Nineveh …

Reading this article by Fraser Nelson about his conversation with a SAGE advisor and seeing responses like the one below reminded me of a recent discovery. Archaeologists in Nineveh came across a stone tablet reporting events following Jonah’s visit to the City. The text says: One sceptical wise man went out of the city to… Continue reading Just in from Nineveh …

Love is more than empathy

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What’s the best thing that you can do when you see someone else suffering, crying out in emotional pain?  The answer is of course, that often it is simply to go and sit with them, to say nothing but rather to simply be alongside them, to feel their pain with them and to weep with… Continue reading Love is more than empathy

The church is still the bride of Christ

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Imagine turning up at a wedding, heading towards the groom and telling him he was a great mate, a general all round good guy and your favourite friend. Then after a short pause you tell him “but your bride is a hideous troll isn’t she. Can’t stand her mate.”  A few minutes later you find… Continue reading The church is still the bride of Christ

So why run clubs and toddlers’ groups?

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I’ve written a couple of articles recently about our outreach post COVID. I’ve suggested that we might want to revisit some of our weekday programmes. That’s partly because I suspect there will be a nervousness about attending such events for a while, and indeed, the suggestion that social distancing measures will be needed until well… Continue reading So why run clubs and toddlers’ groups?

Fruit from the harvest … fruit for the harvest

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The other day, I sat and read one of those “history of our church” books that local churches produce to celebrate centenaries and 150th anniversaries. There was a beautiful little story in it. The church were looking to do a bit of building work and began to raise the funds. A large legacy of £58k… Continue reading Fruit from the harvest … fruit for the harvest

Jesus and the shamed woman

Yesterday, I wrote about how the woman with an issue of blood experiences shaming from powerful men. Today, I want to highlight how Jesus deals with her differently.  All the Gospel writers present her as creeping up quietly, nervously and sneaking a quick touch of her garment. Her aim seems to be to make some… Continue reading Jesus and the shamed woman