Is the protestant position on abortion contradictory?

I just wanted to pick up on this tweet. I think that it runs with a number of misconceptions and confusions.  First,  a misunderstanding of what we mean by things like original sin and Total Depravity.  The choice of wording in the tweet suggests that the doctrines require us to regard people, including babies and… Continue reading Is the protestant position on abortion contradictory?

Despicable me

I saw an interesting social media exchange earlier today. One person was outraged at what a well-known football commentator had said about a particular political issue. They’d then described the person as “despicable”.  Someone else had interjected to say “No, you can’t call them despicable.  We describe the actions as despicable.” There’s something important and… Continue reading Despicable me

The Doctrine of The Fall

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God made the world good. The sense we get in Genesis 1 is of “perfection.” By perfection we do not mean in the sense that it was complete but rather that it was fitting for its time. It was incomplete in the sense that humans still had the work of filling and subduing creation and… Continue reading The Doctrine of The Fall

Us in the dock

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What is the purpose of the Law of the land? Why do we have speed limits, why do we have rules about COVID? The answer of course is that we have an expectation that not only do those rules show us how we should live in order to keep a pandemic at bay or make… Continue reading Us in the dock