Keeping faith in the promise (Romans 4:13-25)

How have you done at keeping your hope up through the pandemic? It has been hard at times hasn’t it. We were promised a short fight to flatten the curve and then normality by Easter last year only for the First Lockdown to drag on into the summer of 2020. Then in the Autumn weContinue reading “Keeping faith in the promise (Romans 4:13-25)”

But now… (Romans 3:21-31)

You are talking with someone about the Gospel and they raise the classic objection. It is arrogant for you to claim that you will be going to heaven and they won’t. On what basis can you make such an outrageous and intolerant claim. You start to share the Gospel further with them. How would youContinue reading “But now… (Romans 3:21-31)”

Us in the dock

What is the purpose of the Law of the land? Why do we have speed limits, why do we have rules about COVID? The answer of course is that we have an expectation that not only do those rules show us how we should live in order to keep a pandemic at bay or makeContinue reading “Us in the dock”

The problem with Sin (Romans 3:9-20)

For Starters Why do we have laws?  E.g. Speed limits, criminal law, charity laws etc. A Look at the Text Who is Paul writing about here? (v9) Who is affected by sin? (v9-10) Sin is …. The  failure to ……………. God and to …………….. God (v11) deliberate decision to …………………………… from God (v12) Sin meansContinue reading “The problem with Sin (Romans 3:9-20)”

Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)

What is the mission of the local church in the city?  A lot of churches if asked that question will talk about sharing the love of Jesus, being salt and light, showing compassion etc. But what dies it mean to be salt and light, what does it mean to show the love of Jesus? ThoseContinue reading “Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)”

Join us for Faithroots Live on Wednesday

Once again you are invited to our Faithroots Live day. The aim is to provide some more in depth teaching and training for those who would appreciate it but for various reasons might not be able to access traditional theological education. All are welcome and it’s free of charge. Join us at 9am for devotions.Continue reading “Join us for Faithroots Live on Wednesday”

Faithroots Live 17th Feb 2021

This Wednesday, once again we have a programme of live events on the Faithroots Urban Facebook page. The aim of the day is to provide teaching, training and encouragement particularly for Those seeking to serve God in urban contexts Those who want to dig deeper but might not be able to access traditional Theological training.Continue reading “Faithroots Live 17th Feb 2021”