Wasting time?

You’re on the phone and every couple of minutes you get the message “You are number 7 in our queue.”  You wait patiently.  10 minutes later you move up to 6 in the queue, another 20 minutes and you are up to number 4, you then have a 40 minute wait before you reach theContinue reading “Wasting time?”

Happy people – the hungry and thirsty

Have you ever lost your appetite? I don’t just mean being off your food for a few days because you are a bit under the weather or snacking all day so that you are not hungry at mealtime.  I’m talking about significant loss of appetite over a sustained period of time. In such a case,Continue reading “Happy people – the hungry and thirsty”

Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security

This question raises perhaps one of the biggest fears that Christians struggle with. What if I were to fall away from my faith to such an extent that I never recover it and so lose my salvation?  It is the very fear of this that robs many believers of assurance and with that of joy.Continue reading “Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security”

Milk, meat and losing my salvation (Hebrews 5:11 -6:12)

Here is our latest Bible study from Hebrews. You can have a look at the questions below and then watch our afternoon tea discussion. For Starters What does the label “Come back kid” mean? How often in reality does that work out? A Look at the Bible What does the text say? Why is theContinue reading “Milk, meat and losing my salvation (Hebrews 5:11 -6:12)”

Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)

Here’s an extra article this afternoon instead of sharing afternoon tea. The Kevin DeYoung article about having lots of children has certainly stirred emotions. Some people have taken this to mean that there are obstacles to pastors talking about discipleship issues that affect women. I don’t think so. I don’t think that the problem wasContinue reading “Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)”

Harvest Time (Revelation 14)

What is going to keep you going through tough times?  What gives you hope in the middle of lockdown. I suspect that for many of us, we look forward to future or postponed celebrations. Perhaps when the time comes we will roll together all of the celebrations we have missed or are likely to missContinue reading “Harvest Time (Revelation 14)”

Disinfectant for the Soul

So Donald Trump has suggested that perhaps if we try injecting disinfectant into people it will cure COVID-19. It’s one of those moments where his minders must have been thinking “Oh… no” and everyone else wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. A good part of me leans towards the latter. I remember saying toContinue reading “Disinfectant for the Soul”

Justice and Salvation (2 Peter 2:4-10)

Introduction Last time, we saw that we have to be on the look out for false teachers.  However we also saw that despite their sneakiness and arrogance, false teachers cannot avoid God’s judgement. However, how can we be sure that they will receive justice and how can we be certain that in the meantime andContinue reading “Justice and Salvation (2 Peter 2:4-10)”

Assurance and Security – Can I be sure I am saved and can I lose my salvation?

In today’s “Afternoon Tea” session we were talking about assurance. We had a couple of questions about salvation. “Can I know that I am genuinely saved?” and “Is it possible to lose your salvation.” When we are talking about these questions we tend to use two terms. Assurance is about knowing for certain that IContinue reading “Assurance and Security – Can I be sure I am saved and can I lose my salvation?”