The secret to good sleep

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When we were going through a particularly challenging period, I remember an older pastor asking me “Are you able to sleep through the night.”  Insomnia is of course a significant emotional health warning and many of us will have at different times struggled with it, finding ourselves unable to drift off or alternatively being suddenly… Continue reading The secret to good sleep

Is a husband his wife’s saviour?

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Well the fire started the other day concerning sex, relationships and salvation doesn’t show any signs of dying down. Rachel Denhollander shared this from John MacArthur as another example of problematic teaching about marriage. Now, to be fair to Josh Butler whose TGC article kicked off this whole debate, I think that he might say… Continue reading Is a husband his wife’s saviour?

What we don’t talk about: The Fall out from that TGC article about sex and salvation

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Following “that” article on The Gospel Coalition Website about sex and salvation, the saga continues.  You may remember that at the time I wrote my response, the original article had been pulled and replaced with a longer article from Josh Butler’s book.  Well, if you go to the page now, you’ll instead find a statement… Continue reading What we don’t talk about: The Fall out from that TGC article about sex and salvation

The Good news of Christmas

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What’s the problem?  It’s not you …it’s me” is one of those classic break up lines. If we are honest, the phrase is code for the exact opposite. You really mean “It’s not me….it really is you.” What’s wrong with our world? It’s not in a great shape is it.  The daily news feed is… Continue reading The Good news of Christmas

Did Jesus come to give us a holiday?

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I saw this message the other day. It’s typical of the type of witty one liner that we Christians think makes a fantastic point, putting a bullet in licentious secularism and making the case for the Gospel. However, I fear that it has a different affect. A lot of people will see this as an… Continue reading Did Jesus come to give us a holiday?

Right with God (Romans 9 v 30- 10:21)

I want to specifically talk to those of you who have been following along as we’ve looked at Romans.  You’ve been drawn to this message about good news, peace, joy, hope, getting right with God and your response has been “I need in on that.”  Something in the message of this book has reached into… Continue reading Right with God (Romans 9 v 30- 10:21)

“under whose wings you have taken refuge”

I love the story of Ruth and I particularly love this verse: The LORD repay you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge!”  [1] The context is that Naomi and Ruth have come back… Continue reading “under whose wings you have taken refuge”

What’s my part?

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#TheDailyDose – Exodus 6:6-12 The fireman at your bedside Grace in the OT The Covenant Promise (cf Gen 12:1-3) God’s Presence/Blessing God’s People                                                                 God’s Land Exodus 6 -12 Redemption (rescue and atonement) Exodus 20 – Law …over to you? What’s the right response to God’s Grace? To desire to know God fully  -his name To… Continue reading What’s my part?

This is how much God loves us (Romans 5:6-11)

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What is the thing that we perhaps find hardest to believe during trials and suffering?  Well, it’s the very thing we need to know the most. We need to know how much God loves us. We left off last time with that wonderful declaration of God’s love for us. This is the first mention of… Continue reading This is how much God loves us (Romans 5:6-11)