Forgiveness and reconciliation may not always mean a return to normal

A boyfriend completely forgets his girlfriend’s birthday and goes out with his mates for a drink instead. It’s not the first time he has let her down.  She decides to break off with him.  At the time he expresses sorrow, buys her flowers, chocolates and concert tickets but she sees through the remorse, this isn’tContinue reading “Forgiveness and reconciliation may not always mean a return to normal”

How should we talk about the Father and the Son (concluding thoughts 2)

In yesterday’s post I said that I believed that it is possible to make application from our Doctrine of the Trinity to life now.  We should do it cautiously and carefully. However, it is possible to do so all the same. If we see that the incarnation reveals the Son relating to his Father inContinue reading “How should we talk about the Father and the Son (concluding thoughts 2)”

My responsibility after a falling out

I am not talking here about a minor argument but when there has been a serious breakdown in relationships and a sense from all parties that they have been wronged.  If you have ever been asked to mediate such a situation then you will know how hopeless and painful, they often are.  Usually, there isContinue reading “My responsibility after a falling out”

Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse

In my article yesterday, I talked about learning to trust again after forgiveness and reconciliation. I argued that this was possible by choosing to remember the good things about a person as well as God’s grace to them and us and to choose to not remember their weakness, sin and the pain caused. In aContinue reading “Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse”

Unasked and unanswered questions

A person asks the question on a forum “Is God telling me to divorce my husband?”  They explain that they struggle with anxiety, that they had used pornography but that they had repented, their husband had forgiven them and their relationship was on the mend. However, they wondered if God was still telling them toContinue reading “Unasked and unanswered questions”

Meeting “The One”

The other day as part of #AfternoonTea, we talked about relationships and the question of “Is there the one?”  In other words, does God have one specific and ideal partner in mind for you who will complete you in every way. In classic style, I responded with the good old “No and yes.”  Now thatContinue reading “Meeting “The One””