How not to talk about marriage and women

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Take a look at this tweet. It sums up in one revolting little paragraph everything that is wrong with a certain outlook on life, a certain distortion of what God’s Word teaches. I suspect that it arises out of a couple of misunderstandings of what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7. First, in v7, Paul… Continue reading How not to talk about marriage and women

Something has changed -marriage, singleness and friendship

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Last week, I responded to some of the speculation around Matt Chandler’s leave of absence from The Village Church. There seemed to be a strong presumption and a lot of speculation around the announcement that the sin must have been far worse than suggested. Otherwise, in effect, Chandler’s church were imposing a legalistic “Billy Graham… Continue reading Something has changed -marriage, singleness and friendship

All the single ladies?

I’ve written before about how men in the church should talk to and shouldn’t talk to and about women.  Sadly, there was a horrific example of how not to talk about women in an interview between Doug Wilson and Michael Foster posted recently online. The conversation is primarily about singleness but I want to pick… Continue reading All the single ladies?

Postscript to my correspondence with Premier Christianity

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A little update to the issue I raised with Premier Christianity about serious concerns a number of us have had about their editorial approach. You can read the letter I sent to Premier here. Today, I received this response. Dear Dave, Thank you for taking the time to email. As you quite rightly state below,… Continue reading Postscript to my correspondence with Premier Christianity

Letter to Premier Christianity

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Yesterday I wrote an article in response to an article in Christianity Magazine. I’ve also written to the editor asking him to act urgently to remove the article and to hold an internal review to understand how their magazine has ended up publishing false and toxic material. Here’s my letter Dear Sam, I was deeply… Continue reading Letter to Premier Christianity

Was Jesus married?

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This is the question posed by Premier Christianity in a recent article.  Not only that but their editor Sam Hailes lays credence to the claim in this tweet. It is concerning that the editors of a mainstream, Christian publication which was traditionally considered at least broadly evangelical could even consider such a piece worthy of… Continue reading Was Jesus married?

Single Minded

If you haven;’t caught up with this week’s podcast, it’s well worth a listen. I had the privilege of interviewing Dr Danielle Treweek on what it means to have a theology of singleness and how single people can be welcomed, encouraged and flourish in the local church.

How can we help?

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The conversation you rather wouldn’t be having “I just don’t think we can go on. We’ve tried everything. It’s time to go our separate ways.”  With those words, you are asked to give your blessing to divorce.  Or, you’re sat talking with a young member.  They’ve recently started dating someone who is not a Christian. … Continue reading How can we help?

Complementarianism and Singleness – in practice

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This is my third article responding to the accusation that complementarianism discriminates against single people.  I want to look at how this works out in practice. I want to say at the start that this is not an attempt to claim that the churches I’ve been part of as a member or as a leader… Continue reading Complementarianism and Singleness – in practice