Postscript to my correspondence with Premier Christianity

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A little update to the issue I raised with Premier Christianity about serious concerns a number of us have had about their editorial approach. You can read the letter I sent to Premier here. Today, I received this response. Dear Dave, Thank you for taking the time to email. As you quite rightly state below,… Continue reading Postscript to my correspondence with Premier Christianity

The problem with allowing any old nonsense

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I wrote two articles the other day which reflecting back on, I think they are more closely linked than I realised at the time.  In the first, I responded to a rather bizarre article in Premier Christianity Magazine asking if Jesus might have been married. In the second, I wrote about the way that COVID… Continue reading The problem with allowing any old nonsense

Letter to Premier Christianity

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Yesterday I wrote an article in response to an article in Christianity Magazine. I’ve also written to the editor asking him to act urgently to remove the article and to hold an internal review to understand how their magazine has ended up publishing false and toxic material. Here’s my letter Dear Sam, I was deeply… Continue reading Letter to Premier Christianity

Was Jesus married?

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This is the question posed by Premier Christianity in a recent article.  Not only that but their editor Sam Hailes lays credence to the claim in this tweet. It is concerning that the editors of a mainstream, Christian publication which was traditionally considered at least broadly evangelical could even consider such a piece worthy of… Continue reading Was Jesus married?

Cult tactics

How do False Teachers get a foot-hold and gain influence in the lives of others? Here are some ways. They will target people who are already passionate about faith. They particularly look for people who are either: Disillusioned because they feel that the church has failed them by not being loving.  Alternatively, if someone feels… Continue reading Cult tactics

How not to be a heretic – be teachable

One of the people who has been right at the centre of the EFS controversy has been Wayne Grudem. When the charge of heresy is made it is primarily targeted against Grudem and Bruce Ware. This is understandable because I have to admit that out of the “EFS” proponents, it has been their language that… Continue reading How not to be a heretic – be teachable