The biggest lie of all

I’ve been interacting with the big dark world of conspiracy theories in recent blogs and YouTube videos.  One of my main arguments is that we don’t deal with “conspiracy theories” so much as “Conspiracy.” That in effect there is one viral lie that sheds into individual beliefs, communities’ religious groupings and political movements. The lieContinue reading “The biggest lie of all”

Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory

How do you spot a conspiracy theory/theorist? I’ve been thinking about this over the past few day as I’ve done a bit of digging into the anatomy of conspiracy theories.  You will have seen on my YouTube videos and my articles here that my view is there is primarily one conspiracy theory, a spine runningContinue reading “Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory”

The real problem with Gnosticism

I’ve written on this subject a few times now because “Gnosticism” seems to be the label of choice when we want to attack the position of other Christians. I think there are two problems with this. First of all, I think it prevents us from understanding the actual position of people we disagree with includingContinue reading “The real problem with Gnosticism”

Slander and Gnosticism

A little while back I observed that we can quickly start throwing charges of heresy and insults about.  You can read the article here.  I particularly observed that we were often quick to accuse people of being Gnostic or at least allowing Gnosticism to influence our beliefs and practices. The insult has replaced the long-standingContinue reading “Slander and Gnosticism”

Playing the Gnosticism Card

There’s been a fierce debate going on about whether or not our current church gatherings using social media platforms actually are gatherings. For those who think we are not gathering, one of the primary concerns is that our gatherings should be “physical” or “embodied” because if not this may encourage a form of gnostic thinkingContinue reading “Playing the Gnosticism Card”

The Holy Spirit and two gods to worship

There is a brilliant little booklet called “Two Ways to live” that helpfully presents the Gospel in picture form. But there are not only two ways to live but also two gods to worship. There is the true and living God who made us, loves us and in Christ has redeemed us. Then there isContinue reading “The Holy Spirit and two gods to worship”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

We are now entering another week of lockdown. We are under strict instruction not to leave our homes unless we are key workers except for daily exercise, essential shopping and medical needs.  Hitting the Easter holidays will make that sense of what we are missing out on all the more painful for many of us.Continue reading “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Body and Spirit

One of the things that happens when we go through unusual times like we are doing at the moment is that it gets us thinking about things we normally take for granted. We are used to meeting together every week. We are used to sharing communion What happens now that we cannot? First of allContinue reading “Body and Spirit”