The census results – is Britain a Christian country?

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According to recent census reports, Christianity is now a minority in the UK. Those identifying as Christian has fallen below 50%.  “Christians” are still the largest grouping at 46.2%  with 37.2% describing themselves as having no religion at all and the rest being split between other significant faiths such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.… Continue reading The census results – is Britain a Christian country?

Where is heaven?

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We used to sing a song in Sunday School: Somewhere in outer space, God has prepared a place, For those who trust him and obey, Jesus will come again, Although we don’t know when, The Countdown’s getting lower everyday There’s a few things wrong with the song, from the awful forced rhyming through to the… Continue reading Where is heaven?

Why you shouldn’t get upset when the celebrity professor tweets

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I’m going to make a prediction.  At some point over this weekend a minor celebrity secularist, probably someone holding a professorship in the public communication of science or suchlike will tweet something mildly offensive and ignorant about Christians and the Gospel’s claims about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This will be followed by several responses from… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t get upset when the celebrity professor tweets

Truth is not a product of the number of options

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Last week I reshared this article which had appeared on my old blog. This was prompted by a little debate on Facebook prompted by a quote from Frank Skinner. The Skinner quote is a little cheeky, isn’t it? It arises out of the classical apologetic arguments namely that we look at the world around us… Continue reading Truth is not a product of the number of options

How many gods? -and when an atheist debates…

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The other day I reshared this blog post from the old site.  I reshared it in relation to a discussion that had come up on a friend’s Facebook page. Well, over the years since I first started Faithroots on the previous site, I’ve had an atheist blogger occasionally interact with what I write. I… Continue reading How many gods? -and when an atheist debates…


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I saw this quote and image shared on Facebook the other day. I wonder what you made of it? “From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. Consider again that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you… Continue reading Alone?

The apologetics of plague and pandemic

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In a world where it’s all about survival of the fitness and there isn’t really purpose nor personality, the idea that human beings, the very creatures that represent those two things are still standing. It has struck me that our experience through history of plagues and pandemics is deeply unhelpful to the arguments of people… Continue reading The apologetics of plague and pandemic

Are you ticking “not religious”?

Humanists UK are launching their every decade campaign for people to tick on the Census that they are  not religious. The argument is that people tick to say they are Christian or whatever because they associate it with a cultural identity or their parents.  The recognition that one is not born a Christian and cannot… Continue reading Are you ticking “not religious”?


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In this video, I describe Christmas as part of the evidence that points to the reality of the God who is Love, who created us and who is actively involved, even stepping down into history. I also said that that when it comes to apologetics, some people prefer to separate out proof of God’s existence… Continue reading Godless?