The apologetics of plague and pandemic

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In a world where it’s all about survival of the fitness and there isn’t really purpose nor personality, the idea that human beings, the very creatures that represent those two things are still standing. It has struck me that our experience through history of plagues and pandemics is deeply unhelpful to the arguments of people… Continue reading The apologetics of plague and pandemic

I’ve got a theory

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On faithroots Live this week, I was looking at the Theory of Evolution. Now, I’m a Young Earth Creationist which means I fundamentally disagree with Evolutionary Theory, however, I think that it is vital we evaluate the strongest form of an opposing argument.  So, one thing that I took time to do was to respond… Continue reading I’ve got a theory


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In this video, I describe Christmas as part of the evidence that points to the reality of the God who is Love, who created us and who is actively involved, even stepping down into history. I also said that that when it comes to apologetics, some people prefer to separate out proof of God’s existence… Continue reading Godless?