Coming with the clouds

For Starters Where is everything heading?  –  dream apocalyptic scenario then we have it.  A plague running rife around the world, economic melt-down, ominous noises from Russia and a few rogue states with nuclear weapons. Throw climate change into the pot and the future looks bleak.  A couple of decades ago, such factors would haveContinue reading “Coming with the clouds”

How silently the wondrous gift is given

What a palaver! We were all sorted with our Christmas presents. We’d worked out which ones we needed to post and got Amazon to deliver others directly.  We knew that we would be seeing part of the family during the 5 day Christmas relaxations and so we’d bought presents and got them wrapped ready toContinue reading “How silently the wondrous gift is given”

Why Shepherds?

Why were shepherds the first people that the good news was announced to?  There has been a long standing explanation that goes like this.  Shepherds were amongst the poorest and were often despised having a reputation for dishonesty.  Therefore, the appearance to them fits with a theme of Jesus being there for the poor andContinue reading “Why Shepherds?”

A son out of Egypt Hosea 11:1

For Starters What is it that you are eagerly awaiting as we come into Christmas.  I expect that if you are a 5 year old then it is the promise of a present 3x the size of you! Maybe some of us are looking forward to the promise of a few days off, food, music,Continue reading “A son out of Egypt Hosea 11:1”

He is stronger than the Darkness

We’ve been learning this new song from Tommy and Eileen Walker over the past few weeks. Over the past few years, our Sunday Night Church congregation have grown fond of the worship songs provided by Tommy Walker.  The words that particularly struck me in this song are “He’s stronger than the darkness.”  Although this isn’tContinue reading “He is stronger than the Darkness”

Mary did you know?

I love the lyrics to the carol “Mary did you know?”  I particularly love this version by Pentatonix. The Carol sets up an imaginary conversation with Mary asking her questions in order to highlight the contrast between the seemingly ordinariness of a little, fully human baby and the wonder of his divinity and his roleContinue reading “Mary did you know?”

Nobody puts the baby in a corner

Luke 2:1-7 tells us of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. We meet up with Joseph and Mary again following her visit to see Elizabeth and the focus in chapter 1 turning to the birth of John.  Now they must go to Bethlehem and register for tax purposes. Whilst there, Mary gives birth, the baby isContinue reading “Nobody puts the baby in a corner”

A shepherd king for the whole world

In yesterday’s article, we saw how one of the Advent promises is that Jesus is the shepherd king from Bethlehem fulfilling Micah 5:1-5. One of the aims in Advent is not just to look forward to Christmas Day remembering Christ’s first coming (advent) but also to look forward to his Second Coming or Advent.  HowContinue reading “A shepherd king for the whole world”