What if this is the end of days?

Some people have been asking over the past few days whether the conflict we are seeing in Ukraine is an end times battle, one of the events that will signal the end of the world.  There are understandable reasons for the question to be asked.  First, the conflict involves one of the main nuclear powers… Continue reading What if this is the end of days?

The end of a world

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I recently wrote about whether the book of Revelation and other apocalyptic literature (Daniel, Matthew 24) etc predict current events that we are seeing now.  I guess my answer was “yes and no.”  No, in the sense most people understand the prophecy to be working.  We are not meant to find chapters in the Bible… Continue reading The end of a world

Contextual visions and dreams

If you’ve not had chance to yet, do have a listen to last week’s Faithroots Podcast where I was talking to Jonny Mellor of Church Central and Sputnik. Jonny helpfully gets us thinking about the way that Christians should engage with the arts and culture generally. In the conversation we talk about Daniel as a… Continue reading Contextual visions and dreams

Lo he comes with clouds descending

Here’s the next in our “What the carols mean” series Lo! he comes with clouds descending,Once for favoured sinners slain;Thousand thousand saints attendingSwell the triumph of his train:Alleluya! Alleluya! Alleluya!God appears, on earth to reign.Every eye shall now behold himRobed in dreadful majesty;Those who set at nought and sold him,Pierced and nailed him to the… Continue reading Lo he comes with clouds descending

Coming with the clouds

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For Starters Where is everything heading?  –  dream apocalyptic scenario then we have it.  A plague running rife around the world, economic melt-down, ominous noises from Russia and a few rogue states with nuclear weapons. Throw climate change into the pot and the future looks bleak.  A couple of decades ago, such factors would have… Continue reading Coming with the clouds

Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies

In response to my articles on obeying Government and civil disobedience, I saw this comment on twitter. So, I thought it might be worth working through the two case studies.  First of all Daniel.  I want you to notice a few things about Daniel’s account because it is in fact important to our thinking. First… Continue reading Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies

How are we going to get through the next six months?

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“Not another six months of this?” That was the reaction of most of us to this week’s latest COVID-19 announcements wasn’t it. Something that we hoped would be sorted in a matter of weeks or maybe months is likely to be the dominant issue at least for a whole year and probably longer. We had… Continue reading How are we going to get through the next six months?

Church in long term lockdown

Here’s the recording of today’s #AfternoonTea as we talked through the implications of a long term lockdown for church. Here are my notes from the FIEC’s very helpful webinar with John Stephens on this subject. 1. He opened with Daniel 9 -not identical but some analogies esp the sense of being in a situation longer… Continue reading Church in long term lockdown