Coming with the clouds

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For Starters Where is everything heading?  –  dream apocalyptic scenario then we have it.  A plague running rife around the world, economic melt-down, ominous noises from Russia and a few rogue states with nuclear weapons. Throw climate change into the pot and the future looks bleak.  A couple of decades ago, such factors would have… Continue reading Coming with the clouds

Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies

In response to my articles on obeying Government and civil disobedience, I saw this comment on twitter. So, I thought it might be worth working through the two case studies.  First of all Daniel.  I want you to notice a few things about Daniel’s account because it is in fact important to our thinking. First… Continue reading Resisting Tyranny – Two case studies

How are we going to get through the next six months?

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“Not another six months of this?” That was the reaction of most of us to this week’s latest COVID-19 announcements wasn’t it. Something that we hoped would be sorted in a matter of weeks or maybe months is likely to be the dominant issue at least for a whole year and probably longer. We had… Continue reading How are we going to get through the next six months?

Church in long term lockdown

Here’s the recording of today’s #AfternoonTea as we talked through the implications of a long term lockdown for church. Here are my notes from the FIEC’s very helpful webinar with John Stephens on this subject. 1. He opened with Daniel 9 -not identical but some analogies esp the sense of being in a situation longer… Continue reading Church in long term lockdown