The irony of Putin’s threats

Vladimir Putin’s threat to the West seems to be that by cutting off gas supplies and by preventing the export of the Ukrainian harvest, he can impoverish the West. His further threat is that he could launch devastating nuclear attacks that will destroy our environments, leave our water toxic and our air unbreathable. I can’t… Continue reading The irony of Putin’s threats

Wrong reasons for pushing others into peace talks

Reports in the press over the past week or so have suggested that the US is pressing Ukraine to move towards peace talks with Russia. It is ironic when reports refer to the communications as private. What that means is that no politician is publicly calling for talks in public statements. However, when the world’s… Continue reading Wrong reasons for pushing others into peace talks

why care and prayer are needed as Russia lashes out

Today there have been reports of Russian missiles landing in Poland resulting in deaths. Both Poland and Hungary have called meetings of their security councils. People have also been quoting promises by President Biden that every inch of NATO territory would be defended. It is worth remembering first that NATO mutual commitments don’t prerequisite immediate… Continue reading why care and prayer are needed as Russia lashes out

The Russian people need to know where the real existential threat is coming from

The great tension over whether or not Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons or not comes down to two factors.  The first is that he has two types of nuclear weapon.  When we talk about nuclear weapons we primarily think of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – strategic nuclear weapons. The UK’s version of this is the… Continue reading The Russian people need to know where the real existential threat is coming from

Loose lips … careless talk is costly

There was a campaign during World War II with the theme “Loose lips sink ships.”  The point was that unguarded comments might give away intelligence to the enemy enabling U-Boats to target trans-Atlantic crossings.  It became a bit of an Anglo-American proverb, a reminder that careless talk is costly. It’s a proverb that Joe Biden… Continue reading Loose lips … careless talk is costly

Putin’s terror tactics

There’s been much talk, these past few weeks about Vladimir Putin being ready to escalate the war in Ukraine by use of chemical or even nuclear weapons. It is important to remember a couple of things here when discussing potential nuclear assault. In terms of response, I believe that NATO powers will prefer preventive to… Continue reading Putin’s terror tactics

Trusting God in troubled seasons

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You can now listen to some of the Faithroots Podcasts on Spotify. A while back I did a series on the book of Habakkuk. As well as working through verse by verse, I also included three short reflection talks. I think that the content is particularly helpful as we face tough and even fearful days… Continue reading Trusting God in troubled seasons

“In this day and age?”

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I’m increasingly seeing comments along the lines of “We shouldn’t be seeing or y … in this day and age.” Or “It is disgusting that in one of the richest G7 countries that we should be seeing x.” These statements at the moment relate specifically to the pressures that people are starting to face in… Continue reading “In this day and age?”

Has Putin just threatened to nuke us?

The short answer is “no.”  In today’s speech, according to reports Vladimir Putin did two things. The first is that he extended the mobilisation and conscription of people into the Russian armed forces.  Secondly, he is reported to have said:  “Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds… Continue reading Has Putin just threatened to nuke us?

When the president meets the potentate

Apparently and perhaps unsurprisingly, two countries have taken offence at the arrangements for mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. China have officially been invited to send a representative although President Xi is highly unlikely to attend.  However, representatives from the embassy were barred from visiting the Queen’s lying in state as that is a… Continue reading When the president meets the potentate