How can we persevere in prayer for Ukraine?

As the war in Ukraine continues but also slips down the news headlines, it is easy for us to forget about it or at least to allow it to slip down our prayer priorities. Other things take over the news headlines and we become focused on needs nearer home, some such as aspects of the… Continue reading How can we persevere in prayer for Ukraine?

Praying for or praying against enemies?

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My article about the UK national anthem provoked a little discussion.  Several people on social media commented that they agreed with me that it shouldn’t be sung in church.  One reason given was that the Anthem includes verses which call for the defeat and destruction of the Queen’s enemies.  Observations included that this was “more… Continue reading Praying for or praying against enemies?

What can we do for Ukraine?

As we watch on the situation in Ukraine, no doubt like me you feel completely helpless. There seems to be nothing we can do.  We can use hashtags to say that we #StandWithUkraine and we can change our profile pictures to incorporate the Ukrainian flag on our social media but what good does that do? … Continue reading What can we do for Ukraine?

How might we talk to our children about Ukraine?

How should parents and Sunday School teachers talk to worried and anxious children about what is going on in the World around us It is many years since we’ve seen such horrific genocidal conflict so close to home and with a level of danger from nuclear conflict hanging oh too realistically in the air.  If… Continue reading How might we talk to our children about Ukraine?


If you’ve not caught up with the latest #FaithrootsPodcast, here are the links to watch on YouTube or listen via Anchor and Spotify. In the conversation we discuss: Should pastors take sides and speak on political issues? 2. To what extent is the current situation about Spiritual conflict? 3. What is God doing in the… Continue reading #PrayForUkraine

What if Putin really believes his own propaganda?

Over the past few days, western leaders have expressed concern that Vladimir Putin’s regime are making false claims about biological and chemical warfare labs in Ukraine which are allegedly being funded/supported by the US.  The fear is that this is paving the way for Putin to launch his own chemical weapons attack possibly as a… Continue reading What if Putin really believes his own propaganda?

What about pacifism?

The situation in Ukraine is really stretching our hearts and our thinking.  On this week’s podcast, I talked with Ryan Burton King, a pastor in London who has family and church connections to the country.  As well as talking about prayer points, we also discussed whether or not pastors could and should take sides in… Continue reading What about pacifism?

Nuclear War and unaskable questions

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One of the big questions concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been whether or not NATO/Western allies should respond by committing to help defend Ukraine beyond supplying weapons and imposing sanctions.  Some have suggested that at a minimum, NATO could commit to enforcing a no-fly zone against Russia.  Now, one of the primary reasons… Continue reading Nuclear War and unaskable questions


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I saw this quote and image shared on Facebook the other day. I wonder what you made of it? “From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. Consider again that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you… Continue reading Alone?

Why predicting the future is a risky business

A friend of my was teasing me the other day that my predictions about Ukraine not turning out to be very good.  He was referring to my argument here that if Russia’s aim was to strengthen its position on the international stage, become the primary regional player in Eastern Europe/Central Asia and push back western/NATO… Continue reading Why predicting the future is a risky business