Does God allow lies sometimes?

I remember an ethics lecturer arguing that it could be okay to lie in particular circumstances.  The obvious ethical dilemma is the situation that people hiding Jews in the Second World War might have faced.  Do they tell the truth when questioned and risk the lives of those in their care? Or do they tell… Continue reading Does God allow lies sometimes?

Move along nothing to see?

On Tuesday 9th November 2021, Tzipi Hotovely, an Israeli ambassador  spoke at the London School of Economics.  At the venue, students gathered to protest.  Video footage shows her being greeted by a wall of noise, chants of “shame on you” and having to be ushered quickly into a car. Additional reports state that students had… Continue reading Move along nothing to see?

On authors, Israel and boycotts

Author Sally Rooney has announced that she will not allow her most recent novel to be published in Hebrew through an Israeli publishing house. She claims that this is part of the BDS action to campaign against Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. I’ve not read her work but my wife’s immediate response… Continue reading On authors, Israel and boycotts

Heart Cry (Romans 9:1-29)

I wonder what kinds of things keep you awake at night. That’s one area where there’s no shortage now. Uncertain times caused by COVID an energy crisis and fuel and food shortages are enough to cause plenty of anxiety.  But I suspect there are even bigger and deeper things that trouble us, wake us up… Continue reading Heart Cry (Romans 9:1-29)

The Truth about Hamas

In the last few days I’ve written about the need to respond to events in the Middle East in an informed manner. To speak on Middle East issues must include the responsibility to challenge Israel for unjust, oppressive and illegal behaviour including ongoing occupation of territory, failure to care properly for the human rights of… Continue reading The Truth about Hamas

If you don’t want to be a racist then don’t intimidate and cajole British Jews over what is happening in Israel

Journalist Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe remains imprisoned in Iran.  I have Iranian friends. I would not dream of calling them up and demanding that they condemn the Iranian regime.  Of course, I suspect that given their reason for coming to the UK was to seek asylum, I suspect that they wouldn’t hesitate to condemn Iran in far… Continue reading If you don’t want to be a racist then don’t intimidate and cajole British Jews over what is happening in Israel

How should we respond when Israel is in the news?

The focus has returned to the Middle East with rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and Israeli military force being deployed against the Palestinians. Most commentary has been negative towards Israel with concerns and condemnation concerning the loss of civilian life. How should we respond and engage? Well actually saying nothing might be the best… Continue reading How should we respond when Israel is in the news?