Antisemitism, Amnesty and the IHRA definition

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Amnesty International report that they’ve joined with a number of civil rights organisations in writing to the UN asking them not to adopt the IHRA’s definition of Antisemitism.  They are arguing that the definition can and has been used in order to suppress legitimate protest against the state of Israel, particularly in relation to its… Continue reading Antisemitism, Amnesty and the IHRA definition

Reviewing the Stephen Sizer Church Disciplinary Measure Tribunal

Here’s a little further commentary on the Stephen Sizer case with the intent of helping us think about how we best get to the heart of issues.  In my initial article, I suggested that those seeking to draw attention to antisemitism with regards to Stephen Sizer seem to have taken a bit of a scatter… Continue reading Reviewing the Stephen Sizer Church Disciplinary Measure Tribunal

Will all Israel be saved?

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Romans 11:25-26 says: 25 I want you to understand this mystery, dear brothers and sisters,[g] so that you will not feel proud about yourselves. Some of the people of Israel have hard hearts, but this will last only until the full number of Gentiles comes to Christ. 26 And so all Israel will be saved.  What does it mean… Continue reading Will all Israel be saved?

For him

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Let’s return to that question of what happens when we see people fall either due to false teaching or to moral failure.  I’m thinking specifically of religious leaders here.  Some people have argued that because Romans 11:29 describes God’s gifts and calling as irrevocable that even when a leader falls, they can and should be… Continue reading For him

Has God broken his promise? 

Can we really rely on God to keep his word? We are told that his promises are “yes and amen” but that is sometimes hard to trust when we are going through tough times.  The question of God’s faithfulness is central to Paul’s argument in Romans, especially when we get to chapters 9-11. The big… Continue reading Has God broken his promise? 

Does God allow lies sometimes?

I remember an ethics lecturer arguing that it could be okay to lie in particular circumstances.  The obvious ethical dilemma is the situation that people hiding Jews in the Second World War might have faced.  Do they tell the truth when questioned and risk the lives of those in their care? Or do they tell… Continue reading Does God allow lies sometimes?

Move along nothing to see?

On Tuesday 9th November 2021, Tzipi Hotovely, an Israeli ambassador  spoke at the London School of Economics.  At the venue, students gathered to protest.  Video footage shows her being greeted by a wall of noise, chants of “shame on you” and having to be ushered quickly into a car. Additional reports state that students had… Continue reading Move along nothing to see?

On authors, Israel and boycotts

Author Sally Rooney has announced that she will not allow her most recent novel to be published in Hebrew through an Israeli publishing house. She claims that this is part of the BDS action to campaign against Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. I’ve not read her work but my wife’s immediate response… Continue reading On authors, Israel and boycotts

Heart Cry (Romans 9:1-29)

I wonder what kinds of things keep you awake at night. That’s one area where there’s no shortage now. Uncertain times caused by COVID an energy crisis and fuel and food shortages are enough to cause plenty of anxiety.  But I suspect there are even bigger and deeper things that trouble us, wake us up… Continue reading Heart Cry (Romans 9:1-29)