Hope for the City: Urban Subversive Fulfillment

Well, I’ve finally got round to completing the first draft of “Hope for the city.” This was a little project I kicked off whilst on sabbatical back in 2018. I wanted to think a little more deeply about how we approach mission to our urban contexts. Back at Oak Hill when I was studying there,… Continue reading Hope for the City: Urban Subversive Fulfillment

How did we get here?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We’re coming to the end of our Faithroots Live series on the doctrine of creation. You can watch back the online lectures/seminars via the Faithroots Urban facebook page.  I’ve also been serialising the content again on faithroot.com. If you want all the content together in one place where you can download it and read it… Continue reading How did we get here?