Hope for the City: Urban Subversive Fulfillment

Well, I’ve finally got round to completing the first draft of “Hope for the city.” This was a little project I kicked off whilst on sabbatical back in 2018. I wanted to think a little more deeply about how we approach mission to our urban contexts.

Back at Oak Hill when I was studying there, Dan Strange introduced us to a little known Dutch Missiologist JH Bavinck – nephew of the slightly better known reformed systematic theologian Herman Bavinck. He also suggested a concept called “Subversive Fulfilment” as a method for engaging in apologetics and mission. I thought it would be interesting to apply the approach to mission in urban contexts.

Feedback is welcome. Please let me know:

  1. Is it helpful?
  2. Would you recommend any changes?
  3. Was there anything you disagreed with

I expect this to remain a pdf resource here on this website, not least because that means it will remain free to use. However, if anyone thinks it would be useful pursuing publication, you can let me know that as well.

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