How can you pray for fruit from the Commonwealth Games outreach?

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for evangelistic outreach during the Commonwealth Games.  Please don’t stop praying.  Here are some ways in which you can be praying after the event has finished.

For all who received Gospels and New Testaments.  The main form of outreach was by conversation and by offering free literature, specifically Gospels and New Testaments. Personally I know that we gave out around 300 copies of Luke’s Gospel and that’s just one small part of the work.  Those who received literature will have also received a link to take them to online resources with information about local churches and further material communicating the Gospel.  Please pray that people will follow up, particularly by trying First Look.

For those who professed faith. We are aware that a number of people did ask to be prayed with and some expressed specific professions of faith. There were also people who had previous experience of Christian faith who were challenged to renew their commitment to Jesus or return to church.  I met one man who had professed faith and been baptised as a teenager but turned his back on church.  He said that he knew he needed to get back to that relationship with Jesus. Pray that warm words and good intentions don’t remain that.

For possible church planting.  You may recall that I talked the other day about the desire that some people might put their trust in Jesus and return to places where there isn’t a meaningful Gospel witness yet. It would be lovely to hear of new churches being planted and new converts share their faith with friends and family.  We’ve set up Church in a box to support this.

For people who came to participate in evangelism.  It was good to see teams of people from around the country coming to share the good news. I hope that they were encouraged by their time here. Pray particularly for the teenagers who are part of Firestarters and gave up part of their summer holiday to be here. We pray that God will have been at work in the lives of those who came, growing them through their experience. Pray that people will be emboldened to speak for Christ now they are back at home with family, neighbours and colleagues.

For the local church here in Birmingham.  We know that most people who we had contact with weren’t local to our churches.  So it may seem that we won’t see fruit from this. However, as local churches here have faithfully stepped out to share the good news pray that they’ll be encouraged by fruitfulness in the year ahead. One of my desires was that there might be long term blessing for the church here as people who served in Games outreach or even who became Christians through the outreach might grow a love for Birmingham and the West Midlands and maybe return to serve here one day.

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