Dwelling is more than contextualisation

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The other day, I was discussing with a group of potential church planters what it means to plant a “missional church”.  Now, I guess that every church should be missional so, when we use the phrase we are suggesting that a church is not resting on its laurels as an established entity in the community… Continue reading Dwelling is more than contextualisation

Wanted: A few pioneer planters

Over several years, I’ve had a growing desire to see churches planted or replanted into the urban West Midlands.  Along with others I want to see Gospel lights in places where there has been no meaningful witness for some time. Having been able to give some time to encouraging further planting whilst pastoring a church… Continue reading Wanted: A few pioneer planters

Have a plan for how you handle accusations

Churches are messy and vulnerable places where serious spiritual business is being done.  We should not be surprised then that there will from time to time be accusations that come our way.  Those may be accusations against other members of the church, past or present, partners in fellowship with the church, other leaders and if… Continue reading Have a plan for how you handle accusations

Keep a particular look out for narcissistic bullies

When thinking about dangerous leaders, the potential false shepherds and even wolves that might sneak in, being alert to the dangers of narcissism may be helpful. Narcissists are people with an unhealthy inward focus on themselves. They believe that the world should or does revolve around them, their needs and their priorities.  These are the… Continue reading Keep a particular look out for narcissistic bullies

Watch out for wolves

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This is the bit we don’t really like to talk about because we don’t like to be personal. But your church will face attacks from wolves.  Paul makes it clear that not only might happen but that it will happen. “after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; 30 and from among your own… Continue reading Watch out for wolves

Keep a watch on your own heart

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If we want to plant safer, healthier churches, then we need to start by looking at ourselves. When Paul gives his final charge to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20, he warns of wolves that will try to get in. However, even before that, he says: Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock,… Continue reading Keep a watch on your own heart

Come over and help us #PrayGiveCome

In this week’s main podcast, I took a little bit of time to share a bit more of our vision for urban church planting in the West Midlands and how you can partner with us. So, if you are interested in partnering with us to encourage urban planting and training then you can get involved… Continue reading Come over and help us #PrayGiveCome

“Come over and help us” – could you come and plant?

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I’ve been writing over the past few days encouraging readers to consider partnering with us as we seek to reach the urban West Midlands with the Gospel primarily through encouraging and equipping pioneer church planting. We really appreciate your prayer support and gifts. But ultimately our desire is to see people here, whether it’s on… Continue reading “Come over and help us” – could you come and plant?