Don’t forget who the real enemy is

Back after 911, there was a particularly intense period when anyone of Asian or middle eastern appearance was at risk from backlash.  Not only did people conflate the attack by Islamist extremists with an attack from all Muslims but also people who were not even Muslims but rather Sikhs and Hindus were conflated with the… Continue reading Don’t forget who the real enemy is

Local Church Matters

I’ve just been reading a few things about the importance of local churches serving their communities and the benefit of being part of a church which gathers within walking distance of your home. There’s nothing controversial there and I’m not seeing any body arguing for non-local church. I’m not about to attempt to make that… Continue reading Local Church Matters

The other effects of the pandemic

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We know the horrendous cost of the pandemic through death, bereavement and serious sickness. However, there have been other consequences too. I recently ran a twitter poll in order to get us thinking about some of these things. First, I asked about how the pandemic has affected your relationship with God. I’m assuming that the… Continue reading The other effects of the pandemic

The Both and of Mission

One of my personal passions and priorities is to see people get involved in urban mission, making disciples who make disciples in communities where there is practically no gospel witness at the moment. That urban focus means that we have a particular concern for poor/deprived neighbourhoods and working-class people. It means that we have a… Continue reading The Both and of Mission