Who will you send?

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It’s been pointed out that the only way that you know if you’ve been called to pastoral ministry is not through an inner prompting, though some may experience this, it’s also not about having a few friends saying that they think you might be good at it.  Rather, it’s about having a local church who… Continue reading Who will you send?

Attitudes to Church Planting

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I’m currently running this little survey to find out a bit more about attitudes to church planting. I’m particularly interested to know whether there are people seriously considering the possibility of church planting in the near future. If you are interested in church planting, then I’d like to find out a bit more about what… Continue reading Attitudes to Church Planting

How big should you grow and at what size should you plant?

A friend recently asked this question on Twitter. Now, these kinds of polls are great at getting a quick reaction but often the answers need some detail and nuance.  Often, we find ourselves responding with “it depends”.  So, they work best when they generate further conversation and discussion.  This, to my mind is one such… Continue reading How big should you grow and at what size should you plant?

Why we need a radically different approach to Gospel Training

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You will know by now, that I’ve been passionately arguing for -and practically working towards a different approach to training for Gospel ministry.  So, I was interested to see this comment recently from church planter, Jonny Pollock. I believe that Jonny is working in a more rural context in Ireland, so it is fascinating to… Continue reading Why we need a radically different approach to Gospel Training

Pastors and planters -wives and families

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Mez McConnell has written an article for prospective planters where their wives are less keen on the prospect of urban/estate church planting.  What should they do.  Mez’s essential point is that there needs to be complete unity in sharing the calling between husband and wife. I agree with this. In fact, I remember one planter… Continue reading Pastors and planters -wives and families

Safer Churches e-book

Here in one place are the studies and discussion questions helping us to think through what it means to plant safer churches Planting Safer Churches I would encourage Church leadership teams to work through these over a series of sessions. I am also currently preparing a series of YouTube videos to accompany the discussions

Come over and help us #PrayGiveCome

In this week’s main podcast, I took a little bit of time to share a bit more of our vision for urban church planting in the West Midlands and how you can partner with us. So, if you are interested in partnering with us to encourage urban planting and training then you can get involved… Continue reading Come over and help us #PrayGiveCome

Come over and help us: Train with us

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Here’s an opportunity to partner with us in urban church planting and to receive back yourself.  Along with a few other people, I’ve been arguing for some time that we need to revisit how we train and equip people for pastoral ministry.  Whilst traditional theological seminaries still have their place, I believe that many Christian… Continue reading Come over and help us: Train with us