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We’ve been introduced to a good and beautiful world with a loving God who creates and cares for his people.  However, we know that this isn’t our experience of the world today.  We live in a world where there is pain, suffering, decay and death. How did that come about? Read Genesis 3:1-5 The serpent… Continue reading Attack


Genesis 2:25 says Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. The point of nakedness is that it is now associated with embarrassment and vulnerability.  The point about shame is that it is something which causes us to hide, either ourselves of the thing that causes shame. In the Garden of Eden,… Continue reading Shameless

The Garden

We’ve seen the big picture of creation.  Now, it’s time to focus in on the detail. As we do, we begin to see something about God’s providential care for us. Read Genesis 2:4-14 The phrase often translated as “These are the generations” punctuates Genesis and marks the beginning of different stories within the subplot.  It… Continue reading The Garden

Day Seven

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The Old Testament Law rooted its command to set apart the seventh day as a sabbath in the creation account. Read Genesis 2:1-3 God has created the world, he has formed it and filled it. He has named things and ordered them. H has blessed his creation.  Now, having blessed his creation, he blesses time,… Continue reading Day Seven

He also made the stars

Young Stars at Home in Ancient Cluster by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

In Genesis 1:14-18, we are told about the part of creation where God populates the heavens with lights.  The sun and moon are appointed as rulers over day and night.  In other words, they will be the dominant lights and the basis for things like telling the time, seasons and location based on their appearance. … Continue reading He also made the stars

The God who speaks and sees Genesis 1v1-25

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The Bible begins with the big picture story of God’s creating work Read Genesis 1:1-25 Notice three things about God here.  There are a few dominant phrases that echo through the passage. First, there is the repetition “God said” each  time that God speaks “let there…”, it comes to pass, so that another repeated phrase… Continue reading The God who speaks and sees Genesis 1v1-25

First things

The first thing we need to know about everything is “God.”  Read Genesis 1:1 The first book of the Bible tells us with its first words that “In the beginning, God created.”  This introduces us to two important truths about God. First, the God who was there at the beginning is eternal.  God predates the… Continue reading First things