What abortion is really about

Imagine if you heard that we were close to eliminating the following conditions: autism, asthma, MS, COVID-19, sight impairment, cystic-fibrosis.  Initially you might think that sounded positive. That is until you saw how it was being achieved. The Daily Telegraph this week has an article talking about the elimination of Downs-Syndrome within a generation. How… Continue reading What abortion is really about

Ableism and the Church (2) The Words we use

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I was used to being called names like speccy four eyes at school and mocked and bullied because of my sight issues and asthma.  I didn’t expect those attitudes attending a comedy gig in our hall of residence at university.  Students tend to consider themselves right-on when it comes to prejudice yet there was the… Continue reading Ableism and the Church (2) The Words we use

Ableism, society and the church

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In recent years, there have been strong and persistent campaigns against “Ableism”. Like sexism, ageism and racism, ableism is about prejudice against people seen as of less value than others. As the word suggests, it is about prejudicing able bodied people against those with physical and mental disabilities.  As with other prejudices, ableism can include… Continue reading Ableism, society and the church