Ableism, society and the church

In recent years, there have been strong and persistent campaigns against “Ableism”. Like sexism, ageism and racism, ableism is about prejudice against people seen as of less value than others. As the word suggests, it is about prejudicing able bodied people against those with physical and mental disabilities.  As with other prejudices, ableism can includeContinue reading “Ableism, society and the church”

Who will you take the knee for?

Taking the knee started as a protest gesture by American Football players back in 2016 who refused to stand for their national anthem in protest at discrimination and police brutality.  This week, people have been asked to “take the knee” around the world in solidarity with George Floyd and those affected by his killing. IContinue reading “Who will you take the knee for?”

Marks of a healthy Church – Humility

I’ve also suggested that a number of other marks will flow out from this one. The first I want to look at is humility. 1 Corinthians 8:1 says that love builds up others whilst knowledge (without love) puffs up, in other words it leads to arrogance and complacency on the part of the speaker whilstContinue reading “Marks of a healthy Church – Humility”