A Biblical Theology of Race

From one man In Acts 17:26, Paul, speaking to the philosophers of Athens says about God. “From one man[f] he created all the nations throughout the whole earth. He decided beforehand when they should rise and fall, and he determined their boundaries.” . A Biblical Theology of race must start with the truth that there is… Continue reading A Biblical Theology of Race

A Biblical Theology of Marriage, Sex and Relationships

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Note: You will probably have read most of this material over the past week as it pulls together some of my recent articles in response to the book “Beautiful Union”. However, I wanted to gather it together as it will form one of the chapters of the E-Book/ teaching sessions I’m putting together on the… Continue reading A Biblical Theology of Marriage, Sex and Relationships

Male and Female He created them

There has been much discussion in recent times about whether or not we can identify Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. . At one end of the spectrum are those who insist that it is possible. At times, it seems that their Biblical view of manhood aligns neatly with particular cultural perceptions of manliness and likewise there… Continue reading Male and Female He created them

God’s people in God’s place

The Bible tells us the story of Gods purpose for his creation and how he has stepped in to redeem.  If Systematic Theology helps us to discover specific truths about God and salvation by synthesising the teaching of Scripture into big themes such as “The Doctrine of the Trinity” and “The Doctrine of Sin”, Biblical… Continue reading God’s people in God’s place

Jesus and Gender revisited

One question that sometimes gets asked is how Jesus as a man could represent women in his death and resurrection, bringing salvation to all.  Amy Peeler, has offered this solution to the perceived problem. All orthodox Christians who affirm the virginal conception would affirm that he—in a way unique to the human race—embraces female and… Continue reading Jesus and Gender revisited

Disability and Evangelical Theology

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The other day, I responded to some comments on twitter about what Evangelicals believe about the New Creation/our resurrection bodies and implications for people with disabilities.  Fascinatingly, a lot of the comments seemed to be coming from people who wanted to speak for those who had disabilities, physical impairments and chronic conditions but did not… Continue reading Disability and Evangelical Theology

Not without hope

Genesis 11 paints a pretty hopeless picture.  The new, post flood humanity have in effect squandered the blessings and privileges of the covenant with Noah. Their hubristic rebellion against God has been crushed, they are divided by language and scattered across the world of the day.  However, at the end of the chapter, we are… Continue reading Not without hope

You Raise me up

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At our church weekend away, Jonny Mellor took us to Psalm 8 during the morning prayer meeting. Chatting with Jonny, we were both struck by the way that Psalm 8 seems to resonate through into Ephesians 1. In Psalm 8:4-6 we are told: what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that… Continue reading You Raise me up

Needing a Saviour

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If the start of Genesis 6 helps us to see the full extent of the problem of sin, then the rest of this section, taking us through to Genesis 9 helps us to begin to see God’s solution to the problem of sin both in terms of his creation in general and specifically for humanity. … Continue reading Needing a Saviour