Invisible Divides (Book Review)

One of my personal concerns and a significant reason for why Faithroots exist is the desire to see the church and the Gospel reaching into communities and to people where we simply haven’t been very good at reaching.  Here in the West Midlands we’ve seen a lot of church planting and some wonderful stories of… Continue reading Invisible Divides (Book Review)

Jesus and Gender (book review)

Probably the single most divisive issue for churches during my life time has been the question of how men and women relate to one another in terms of marriage and in terms of church leadership.  I remember the controversy when Princess Diana used the wedding vows that omit a commitment to “obey.” Over just shy… Continue reading Jesus and Gender (book review)

Jesus and John Wayne (Review)

One of the big hitter books of the last year has been Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez. It’s also one of the books mentioned by Jonathan Leeman in article about deconstruction. I’ve been working through the list and have just completed Du Mez’s book. Du Mez is a historian and so… Continue reading Jesus and John Wayne (Review)

Taking America Back for God (Review)

There’s been a lot of heated discussion about four authors and books over the past few weeks.  The debate follows an article by David Gushee citing them as significant authors in a recent movement that is redefining and redescribing Evangelicalism -something he talks about in terms of a deconstruction project.  These are Kristen Kobes Du… Continue reading Taking America Back for God (Review)

Looking for more – a disappointing read of Simply Trinity

Well, you got a little bit of a taster of what is coming in this review in my previous two articles. You will have realised by now that the book I was referring to when I described how my judgements are formed was Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett. I then addressed a specific example looking… Continue reading Looking for more – a disappointing read of Simply Trinity

The pastor with a thorn in his side – reviews

There have been a couple of reviews published for the book I contributed to “The pastor with a thorn in his side.” Obviously I think the book is worth buying and will prove helpful both for those facing depression and those who are wanting to walk alongside others that are -but this is why other… Continue reading The pastor with a thorn in his side – reviews

That Hideous Strength (book review)

No, not the third in the CS Lewis Sci-Fi Trilogy, although the title is drawn from that book. This is Melvin Tinker’s analysis of the cultural dangers that the church and indeed Western society more broadly are facing today. Unsurprisingly, the primary cultural dangers identified by Tinker are the post-modern approach to tolerance that blurs… Continue reading That Hideous Strength (book review)

(Not Quite) The making of Biblical Womanhood

The most recent contribution to the conversation about the role of men and women in the church and in the home is The Making of Biblical Womanhood by Beth Allison Barr. Barr argues against complementarianism and claims that it is in fact a modern attempt to re-impose patriarchy. Furthermore she argues that complementarianism is a… Continue reading (Not Quite) The making of Biblical Womanhood