Going with the grain of how Scripture talks about God

I want to say a little bit more about the recent controversy concerning Gently and Lowly.  If we have discomfort about the language in the book, then it seems to be because we struggle with the language we find in Scripture. Let me pick up on one example. In Hosea 11:8-9 God says to Israel:Continue reading “Going with the grain of how Scripture talks about God”

How does the Father relate to the Son? (A second look at John 5:19-27)

The context to John 5:19-29 is that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath. He claimed the right to do this because he was doing what his Father did.  His opponents saw in this reference to God as father a claim to divinity and therefore blasphemy. We can assume from that, that it was not theContinue reading “How does the Father relate to the Son? (A second look at John 5:19-27)”

Why do we want to talk about one will in God?

The view of The Church over many centuries has been that the individual persons of the Trinity do not each have their own will, rather God has one will.  This will is a property of his nature. This also leads to the conclusion that Jesus, having two natures, must have two wills, one human andContinue reading “Why do we want to talk about one will in God?”

Conversations about God

There has been much debate about the Doctrine of God over the past few years. The technical end of the debate is about whether a particular historical approach known as Classical Theism is the benchmark of orthodoxy and whether certain theologians have strayed beyond that therefore making them heretics. There are two specific examples ofContinue reading “Conversations about God”


God is simple. That might be a surprising thing to say, shocking even.  We tend to use the word pejoratively.  In our world, simple is associated with inferiority and stupidity. In our world things move from simple to complex. So we had better sort out quickly what we mean by simple and complex in thisContinue reading “Simple”

An odd type of insult: – On being a Biblicist

Well, I’ve dipped my toe a little into the Wayne Grudem debate on twitter and re-shared a couple of posts linking to the longer debate. If you are new to this and trying to get your head round things, here’s a summary. Christians over many centuries have tried to provide structured teaching of our coreContinue reading “An odd type of insult: – On being a Biblicist”